Introduction: Side Table and Lamp

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This is a project to reuse an wine box that was already an reuse of a bed box (apparently), and an old golden tacky lamp. I found this wine box on a dumpster and because of the prints I took it immediately.

Step 1: Rebuilding the Box

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I took the box apart and rebuilt it to change the nails and I applied wood glue, because the old ones where rusty and fragile.

Than I applied varnish without being to careful on purpose, because I thought some drips would be cool. In one part where there was a hole and the wood sheet was loose, I fixed the sheet with a stapler (also because it looked cool).

Step 2: Legs

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because I chose to leave the box kind of ragged, I decide to give it nice legs.

So I cut nice trapezoid legs in clear wood and fixate them on the sides with wood screws.

Step 3: The Lamp

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I had this lamp with golden body and dirty shades, so I sprayed with blue ink. Simple as that.

Step 4: Finished!

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