Silver Ring for Only 25¢





Introduction: Silver Ring for Only 25¢

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a silver ring, that's right silver. Now what if I told you that the silver to make this only costs 25¢'d probably call me crazy. Well actually it's true, all you need is a quarter that was made before 1964. This was the year that the coin mints stoped making their quarters out of silver and began making them the way they are today, so if you want to make this go to your local bank and ask for quarters that were made before 1964, obviously their not just going to give them away you will need to get change for a dollar. The bank teller will be happy to give you one because they constantly have coin collectors coming in and asking for coins from different years.

The question is, is this defacing money. Well technically it is, but most of the time old coins are either recycled or retired by banks so it should be fine to do this, even if you decide to use a new coin that's fine too. I hope you guys enjoy this and please vote for me in the jewelry contest, thank you.

Step 1: Materials

Just a few basic things you will need:
  • A quarter made before1964(if you want a silver one)
  • A quarter made after 1964(if you don't want a silver one)
  • A drill
  • A drill bit that so about the same size as your finger that will wear the ring
  • A round file
  •  A steel plate( the one that I had was from a previous project)
  • And a hammer

Step 2: Shaping

To start you will need to take your steel plate and your hammer and begin hitting the edges of the coin, while you do this slowly rotate the coin around and around, tapping it while you turn. 

Step 3:

Here's mine after ten minutes of pounding its about the size of a nickel.

Step 4:

After a half hour I was finally satisfied with the size so I set it next to an untouched quarter to compare it. How small you want it to be is up to you however it will take more time to make it smaller. The reason I took such a small amount of time is because I have really big hands.

Step 5:

Once satisfied, take your drill and drill out the center, It dosent have to be perfect because the file will take care of it in the next step.

Step 6:

Next you will need to take your file and smooth out the inside so you don't get scratched up when you put it on your finger.

Step 7:

When you have it to a point to where you like it your done and can enjoy your ring. What I did with mine is I took some copper wire and wound it around the ring and created an x pattern running along it, then I put some solder on the inside of the ring where the ends meet.  The only problem with this is that it makes it tighter. So thank you for taking your time to check out my instructable, please favorite and, or comment on this instructable and also vote for it.if like this be sure to follow me for many more in the future. If you've made this then I want to see it, so be sure to put your pictures in the comments that would be sweet. Thank you guys once again.



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    Out of all the quarters I have, I found six or seven 1965's, but no 1964 or before. I'm so mad lol

    sorry you can't find any. :-(

    just an fyi...pre 1964 quarters are valued at about $25 each now. love the idea and I cant wait to try this.

    cool, I want to see it when your done.

    And I'm not saying it isn't cool, I like it. I will try it when I get my healers anvil.

    I also did a ring for this contest, and I must say its nice but that is surely not silver. That's copper. You should know that.

    You got me, but if I had a quarter that has made before 1964 it would be made out 99.4% silver. Unfortunately I couldn't find one a around my house.

    Great instructable! Just ignore the twatwaffles who want to rain on your parade.

    Thank you, you literally just made my day.

    I think you'll find it's a criminal offence in most countries to deface currency !!!