Picture of knex simple target
You can use this for nice target practice. And it works very simple.

Also see my other instructables.

Step 1: Simple target

Picture of simple target
You need to build this 2 times.
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spijk8605 years ago
smattman225 years ago
you took my carpet!
new knex stuff 228.JPGnew knex stuff 228.JPG
ferrari484 (author)  smattman225 years ago
"Ow i am so sorry"
I modded mine a bit. It has a couple more greys on the front, and yellows on the targets. it makes them heavier, and striped. Cool!
ferrari484 (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
it is simple and effective that is the hole idea
Yes, I know.
ferrari484 (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
i am rebuilding my knex Spitfire
its sik!!
NIce! That thing is a beast.
ferrari484 (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
It is done i post it next week so......
ferrari484 (author)  ferrari4846 years ago
i hate my wallpaper just planes lol
pakman2277 years ago
ok well umm heres pics of my new target check it out on my instructibles in great better than this lol srry...
ferrari484 (author)  pakman2276 years ago
I love this! I built three!
thats pretty neat, you should find a way to make them pop back up after they area ll shot down
you hate KNEX
ferrari484 (author)  Metal4God7 years ago
Hey where is the dog
my dog is right here
Picture3 040.jpgPicture3 039.jpgPicture3 034.jpgJack close up.jpg
Choclate Lab?
whats his name?
cool, he looks the same as my friends dog! also looks like his house, and he plays guitar too... hmm. very very coincedental
twilight zone theme song plays
lol im scared
Might be a Chespeake Bay Retreiver. I have one of those, they look a lot like Chocolate Labs. Probably closely related.
nope he's pure bread chocolate lab
hey i had a chocolate lab when i was 7 i had to get rid of him because we moved to florida
ferrari484 (author)  pakman2277 years ago
We had a dog but we had to sleep him in. He was sick and always had pain. It was a dutch shepherd dog. I loved that dog. Didn't herd a fly.
That sucks...
thats sad.
ferrari484 (author)  Metal4God7 years ago
Nice dog very nice
nice dog
TY! nice..................... target!
ferrari484 (author)  Metal4God7 years ago
How old is your dog
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