Introduction: Simple 2 Legged Robot

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I was watching the simple bot walker but I then realised i did not have a dpdt switch I then chanced upon making this solderless robot.

Step 1: What You Need

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2 hundred rpm gear motors (they have plenty of torque if supplied with 9v)

2 pickle bottle caps

4 crocodile clips (optional )

1 six battery holder

2 cheap and common plastic made pens

1 box (i suggest you to use those of cardboard if being resourceful)

Step 2: Mount Those Motors

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Mount those motors at the end of the box and at the center so that it balances if you donot understand see the image.

Step 3:

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like this

Step 4: Spokes

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Remove the cap and open the top of the pen as shown in Pic and remove the refill (lower part - we need only that) .

Step 5: Attaching Your Pen Bottom

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Make sure that your pen's hollow end fits tightly on the motor's shaft, else tighten the motor's shaft by putting sume tape.

Step 6:

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do it on both sides.

Step 7: Mount the Makeshift Wheels

Picture of Mount the Makeshift Wheels

Now take the pickle caps make a hole in it and poke it onto the pen that is connected to the motor . It should be horizontal (the wheels)

Step 8:

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Do it on both of the sides.

Step 9: Crocodile Connections

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Connect the black crocodile clip from one motor to the red crocodile clip of the other.

Similarly do on the next side



Place the battery holder exactly in between the Two Motors, such that the balance is maintained, and Robot stays upright.

Step 11: Let It Go

Connect the terminals to the 9v and vrooom vroooom.


robot942 (author)2014-06-05

cool bot

robobot3112 (author)robot9422014-06-05

why did you give the same message so many times did you double click

robot942 (author)2014-06-05

cool bot

robobot3112 (author)robot9422014-06-05

did you have any problem with it

robot942 (author)2014-06-05

cool bot

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