Picture of simple bedframe
as the title says a simple bedframe that i came up with to raise my memory foam mattress topper off the floor slightly. 
when designing this i had a couple ideas in mind: 
i wanted no hardware so it was easy to assemble and disassemble 
and i wanted to make it out of simple materials like 2x4 and just a single sheet of 4x8 plywood

i used:
Illustrator for all the layouts for my cuts.
5 2x4s
1 4x8 sheet of 3/4" plywood
1 3/4" dowel
compound miter saw
table router
table saw
panel saw
hand drill with 3/4" hole saw
drill press with 3/4" forstner bit
orbital and belt sander

all my wood working was done at TechShop San Jose
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Step 1: Layout

Picture of layout
using Adobe Illustrator
I started with a rectangle the size of my mattress and a 4x8 rectangle 
first i wanted to figure out how to cut my plywood into as few pieces as 
possible to cover the area of my mattress.
Then I chose the placement of my 2x4s and the dowel holes to keep 
the plywood from sliding around.

Step 2: 2x4s

Picture of 2x4s
First I cut my 2x4s using the compound miter saw.
Next I marked the placement of the dowel holes and the 
notches for the cross halved joints.
Using the Drill press and a forstner bit I drilled out the dowel holes.
Then using a combination of the table router and table saw with 
dado blades cut out the joint notches.

Step 3: 4x8 plywood sheet

Picture of 4x8 plywood sheet
Using the panel saw I cut out my three main pieces from the full 
4x8 plywood sheet. Then I marked the locations of the dowel holes and 
drilled them out with a hand drill and a hole saw bit. Using the belt sander
I rounded the corners a bit. Then with the orbital sander I gave all three 
sheets a good smoothing out.

Step 4: Cut dowels

Picture of cut dowels
I got a 3 foot dowel and used the compound miter saw
to cut it down to the sizes that I needed
subhart1 year ago

practical use of technology, science and IDEA

gthomas181 year ago
Very practical. Thanks.
Scotttland2 years ago
I really like how you've maximized the use of your materials here. Bravo.