Introduction: Simple But Powerfull Knex Shooter!

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OK well it pretty simple and it leaves welts on my friends so I think its pretty powerful

and please rate and remember this is my first insturctable so please be nice thank you ..and i can take some critisism

Step 1: Items You Need

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all you need is one of those dark gray conector and an elastic band

Step 2: Firing

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first pic: hold the rubber band like this

2 pic: get the gray conecter and pull (it will explain better in the pic)


DJ Radio (author)2009-07-05

Next time you want to "Practice", make a good knex gun, then post.

yea i just thought this up quick so i could learn how to post stuff

deaniscoolproductions (author)2009-07-04

hi jojo

Oblivitus (author)2009-07-03

I know that it was just for practice, but the knexers on the site would probably appreciate it if you deleted this instructable, it doesn't offer anything new and clutters up the site. Waiting for feedback on the quality of your photos and instructions is not a bad idea though if you are going to delete it. Personally, I think that better lighting, less background clutter, and centered images will give your instructables a more professional look. PS: Most people are not going to be as kind as I just was, but don't get angry or discouraged because of it, this kind of instructable is generally considered spam, k'nexers grow tired of having to sift through dozens of these to find good guns.

i under stand realy it was just a thing i thought up n five senconds ,becuase i wanted to learn how to post things on instructables sooon i willl delete it and start making cool ones dont worry your right it was just pratise PS thank for the review i realy apreciate it :D

Your welcome, try taking a look at MlCad as well, you might like it. It is a 3D knex and lego drafting program.

thx i be sure to check it out :)

The Jamalam (author)2009-07-04

Wow, this is pointless.

i kno i kno it was just for practise i get it

deaniscoolproductions (author)2009-07-03

this is my first instructable so please be nice :) :D

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