Introduction: Simple Car (no Chassis)

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Here is the simplest possible no chassis bot. As i did not have any cardboard at home i tried out something that worked out miracles. Try this out i made mine in about 10 minutes you need not solder (well i did not).

Step 1: Get the Stuff

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2x motor (Bo series 2) 150-300 rpm

crocodile clips

2x wheels


Now you could shoot off to making it.

Step 2: Prep the So Called Chassis

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use double sided tape to keep the motors intact.

Step 3: Some More Taping

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use brown tape and then truss the motors securely

Step 4: Finish

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attach the wheels place the 9v connect one - wire to one+ and do same on other place then connect it to the crocodile clips.Finished.

Step 5: Vrooom

connect them to a battery vrooooooooooooom vroooooooooooooooooooooom


Very cool!

thank you.

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