Simple, cheap, cool, waterproof and gummy diy battery holder

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Picture of simple, cheap, cool, waterproof and gummy diy battery holder
I know how many of you inventors have desired a versatile battery holder to power your projects, I know you can't sleep without that... so this strange accessory has born ;-)
This gadget has a simple function, keep a battery inside, and yes you could buy an ordinary plastic black and impersonal battery holder if you want, but keep in mind that this is coloured (you can choose the Sugru colour that you prefere), rubbery and even water resistant (although you can't dive with it...).
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Step 1: The Actors

Picture of the Actors
I made it for Li-ion 18650 batteries, because they're very powerful and really versatile for electronic projects, but you can build the same gadget for one or more batteries of any type, voltage and shape.
I've used some metal washers to make contacts, maybe copper pieces should have been better because copper is more conductive... I'll let you know after some test.

Step 2: The Roles

Picture of the Roles
To choose the right washers you have to give a look to these two images. As you notice the fat washer can't make contact with the negative side of the battery, so we'll use it for the positive terminal. Same matter for the thin one, theoretically it shouldn't touch the positive tip so we'll keep it for negative flat side. Pay attention to avoid any shortcut when working with powerful rechargeable cells, it could be danger and damage your batteries.

Step 3: The Teams

Picture of the Teams
Let's melt some tin on the washers. Probably you should find it very arduous because tin doesn't stick on the steel of the washers, in that case it's essential spread some flux on them.

Step 4: The Bands

Picture of the Bands
Now you can choose some good quality natural rubber bands (better with flat sides, not as mine), the more they're tense on the batteries, the more they'll keep the contacts connected. You can try with only one band for each battery if it's enough strong.
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g00dhum0r1 year ago
Nice, so if I make this and use a usb on the wire end, I can charge my cell phone with 1 double A battery?

usb is 5V, so keep that in mind

stock iphone usb wall chargers put out 3.7v. Perfect.

kuman245.5 months ago


Nice idea but 18650 and the likes have safety vent hole at its positive terminal to prevent explosion due to build up pressure in case of high charging or draining, it is not good to cover those holes shut.


kmargie257 months ago
DragonDon1 year ago
I'm surprised the Sugru didn’t' stick to the batteries. Cool stuff.
andrea biffi (author)  DragonDon1 year ago
I've covered the battery ends with some silicon grease, but I suggest to try with oil too...
Great idea! Can see myself using these in future projects, thanks!
iPodGuy1 year ago
This is awesome.
lovely, looking forward to seeing these in your tests :)
andrea biffi (author)  projectsugru1 year ago
I've used it to power the gigapixel panorama head, it works great, but I needed to add an addictional external stronger tape from a bike tube to keep the contacts tight..
Complimenti finalista!!! :)
andrea biffi (author)  lindarose921 year ago
ahah I hope Mac Gyver would be proud of me!
PirateLabs1 year ago
Very well done. I like the colors idea as well. I usually just make some universal battery holders by soldering the leads to two small neos. This way, i can use any size battery...AAA, AA, D, C, etc. They hold well and work great...but do not look as cool as yours.
isacco1 year ago
Complimenti per il tuo instructable!
Congratulations for this instructable. The design is excellent, whatever the material one uses (Sugru and rubber band type) for crafting.
Aik681 year ago
Nice!! I did a similar solution but instead of using rubber bands I used plastic tie wraps and water bottle caps, you can see it at:
andrea biffi (author)  Aik681 year ago
that's very interesting, I've always been searching good re-use of plastic bottle caps. Also your other little battery holder is great!
gutinga1 year ago
eccezzionale, eccellente idea, complimenti (IT).
wonderful idea!
ryebreadz1 year ago
this is a cool idea, but my concern is with how long those rubber bands will last 1, 2 years?
Mic1001 year ago
very interessant
is it realy waterpropf after rechargin 10 times ?
andrea biffi (author)  Mic1001 year ago
as 2nup350 pointed out this holder is not properly waterproof, it water resistant, so it means that you can sprinkle water on it, but you can't immerse it.
I don't understand what do you mean about recharging...
agree it is always interesting
after 10 refills I think that each recharge must remove the battery
to put it in the charger and put it back in its holder
I am French and at home there is no sugru is what remains flexible
when it becomes stiff or hard as epoxy resin ?
this is awesome!
tortoise11 year ago
I need to make a multi cell holder and need to know how much sugru it takes to make 1 holder
andrea biffi (author)  tortoise11 year ago
I've used entirely the two little packets in photo, so it's 5 g for each holder.
rayd8881 year ago
Great idea! Thanks for posting.
8steve881 year ago
Great idea.
clever.Good Idea
kishida1 year ago
Nice battery holders.
Instead of using the common rubber band, you should try making your own rubber bands from bicycle inner tubes, because they don't degrade as quickly as the common rubber band.
whoops, there already was a suggestion to use bicycle inner tube rubber for the bands.
andrea biffi (author)  kishida1 year ago
no problem, it's a good suggestion!
profpat1 year ago
very well done, only problem, we still do not have sugru here in the still third world..
andrea biffi (author)  profpat1 year ago
Buy Sugru online, I think they ship to Philippine too...
streetrod51 year ago
Great idea! I use the Ultrafire batteries in my very bright flashlight, and they are very good. I also enjoy all the 360 Cities photography on your website - it's beautiful.
andrea biffi (author)  streetrod51 year ago
verence1 year ago
Clever solution for odd sized batteries or times when you run out of battery holders.

Copper might be more conductive, but that wouldn't make a big difference, as the washers are short (in length) and thick (i.e. compared to the wires), so you might get 15 MilliOhm instead of 17 MilliOhm for the washer. But copper will corode (green copper) and that (the oxide layer) will be a problem as it is a very bad conductor. Stay with your washers.
andrea biffi (author)  verence1 year ago
Thanks for the analysis, very accurate, I'll stay with them :-)
For long term use of the steel washers, May I recommend that you Tin the whole washer with solder to keep it from rusting. Same goes for copper. Also wondering about the electrical properties of stainless steel washers?
Can Sugru really be used for dental implants?

LOL just thought that was a funny ad placement

Now we have some uses for all these Canadian pennies
andrea biffi (author)  frank260801151 year ago
JAJA you almost made me fool!
Canadian penny are copper, right?
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