Picture of simple chicken tractor
I have a few chickens, and I am about to get some more. I also have a lot of green grass.  So I had to make a chicken tractor to take care of both issues.
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Step 2: Putting together the sides.

ends are 2 4ft pieces and 3 2ft pieces and the sides are 2 8ft pieces and 3 2ft pieces.
for each tractor you will need to cut
6x   4ft 
4x   8ft
12x 2ft
plus bits for a door.

when you line up the lumber make sure to pre-drill the holes, because the wood will split and you will have to re-cut the wood again.
it will always happen on that last piece too.

Step 3: Putting the frame together.

this is a fun balancing act when you are doing this alone. but again pre-drill the screw holes.

Step 5: Skin it.

remember those washer? this is when you use them. start the roll at one side of the door and roll it along (attaching it with the screw/washers). the chicken wire will give you some room to goof up.
you can also roof the tractor with the same wire, I had some welded wire around so I used that.

Step 7: A little shade and just add chickens.

a little canvas or a tarp will work just fine for some shade for your chickens. 
then put the tractor on some grass and add some chickens. 
chicken boy2 years ago
how muck did it cost you to build it?
karylb3 years ago
I've used this same design with 1" pvc instead of wood. I like the functionality. But I'm concerned about how the wood joints hold up to being moved around the yard.
sir_h_c3 years ago
I'm curious; how durable has the untreated lumber been? Less than a year so far... Looks good.
ravenc83 (author)  sir_h_c3 years ago
its still in great shape, rain and sunshine hasn't taken that much of a toll on the wood structure. the canvas is another story.
ChrysN4 years ago