Picture of simple electrolytic cell made ​​with citrus fruits
This will teach indestructable build a simple electrolytic cell made ​​with citrus fruits and objects found in any home.
Sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian so I do not speak English well.

Step 1: Hunt for materials

citrus fruits (in my case I used the lemon Galician, but you can use oranges or even use citrus, opting for some acid like vinegar or sea water)

One or more penny

1 nail or screw (1 nails or screws (or whatever is made ​​of a metal other than the money)

A multimeter or a voltmeter

a knife

I love it please tell more


abhishekg15 months ago

what abt the internal resistance ?

how much current would we get apprximately??

eistein (author) 2 years ago
do not worry about it
Toasty22222 years ago
Ahh! I just published a tutorial on wet cells with fruits! I checked instructables earlier to make sure there were no tutorials on it, but yours didn't exist yet! I'm sorry, I don't mean to copy!