Simple electrolytic cell made ​​with citrus fruits

Picture of simple electrolytic cell made ​​with citrus fruits
This will teach indestructable build a simple electrolytic cell made ​​with citrus fruits and objects found in any home.
Sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian so I do not speak English well.
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Step 1: Hunt for materials

citrus fruits (in my case I used the lemon Galician, but you can use oranges or even use citrus, opting for some acid like vinegar or sea water)

One or more penny

1 nail or screw (1 nails or screws (or whatever is made ​​of a metal other than the money)

A multimeter or a voltmeter

a knife

Step 2: The fruit

Picture of The fruit
The principle of operation of the electrolytic cell is the transformation of chemical energy into electrical energy, so the more acidic the substance is, the more electricity will have our battery.
Make two cuts in the fruit, so we can fit the electrodes.

Step 3:

Picture of
Attach the electrodes and your battery will be ready.
Using a lemon Galician and this structure got a voltage of 0.83 volts, but you can connect more batteries one other, thus increasing voltages.
Important: If you connect two or more batteries, make sure that the contact between them is perfect, but you will get with many very small voltage batteries together.

Step 4: Bonus: whitening metals

Picture of Bonus: whitening metals
This battery has a bleaching effect on their coins, as you can see as it became a currency of my country after three minutes.
Do not know if it's a chemical reaction with the acid or an effect of electroplating.
The longer, the clearer the coin.

I love it please tell more


abhishekg14 months ago

what abt the internal resistance ?

how much current would we get apprximately??

eistein (author) 2 years ago
do not worry about it
Toasty22222 years ago
Ahh! I just published a tutorial on wet cells with fruits! I checked instructables earlier to make sure there were no tutorials on it, but yours didn't exist yet! I'm sorry, I don't mean to copy!