High voltages allow you to do interesting things with electric currents, although the device i will show you how to make can reach 450V and cause mild shocks it will not allow you to create tesla coils etc in it's current form. It will however make sparks about a millimetre long if you look carefully enough. I am sure you can think of thousands of ways to use this device but i will leave that up to you, i take no responsibility for what you use this for. there are plenty of very good guides on how to do this but this one is hopefully the one with the simplest method. hope you enjoy this instructable. next time how to make explosions in blender animation software.

Step 1: Materials

We start by disassembling a disposable camera, you can get these free if you know what to ask ("excuse me, can i please have some used disposable cameras for an art project, i'll pay you £1 for them." to someone on the checkout in a shop where they develop films from disposable cameras. "yes" they will reply "take them away save us the bother you needn't pay,thanks") . Also you will need:
basic electronics knowledge(mine is very limited but i still made this work)
a screw driver with a plastic handle
a plastic project box to put the system in ( this is the most costly thing involved)
wire ( not much but a metre of it might be needed if you lose some as you cut it up)
 2 screws( to act as electrodes, i found that you are best off with sharp screws so you can "drill" them into the sides of the box using a screwdriver)
a switch( i forgot this on the prototype but you might not want it anyway)
a battery holder for an AA 1.5vbattery
a soldering iron
and some of the tools that are probably lying, unused until now, around your house or in your garage
Nice I came up with a simpler idea without a camera. Simpleler ?? electronic voltage shocking device: harborfreight.com/electronic-fly-swatter-40122.html Remove the head of the racket, attach leads to screws! Safety/off button provided an in place. Heavy yet modified to use AA or AAA will bring the weight down.

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