Simple Elegant Halloween Feather Wreath





Introduction: Simple Elegant Halloween Feather Wreath

A elegant Halloween decoration that is easy to make and will have the neighbors asking where you bought that!
You will need:
Wicker wreath
1 package black feathers
Hot glue
Crow or other Halloween ornaments
wire garland with crystals purchased at dollar store.
How to:
1.Glue feathers to wreath, covering entire wreath
2. Wrap wire garland around wreath, not close together. When you reach the top twist wire to create loop to hang from door.
3. Wire raven on.



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    4 Discussions

    Cool idea. What about using a black feather boa instead? Seems a lot easier and faster than gluing on all those feathers one by one.

    wow love this wgere did you get your raven i have been looking for a place to get one

    WOW i like the look of it - doesn't have to be halloween for that one :)
    creep up your home :o)!