Simple Everyday Eye Makeup


Introduction: Simple Everyday Eye Makeup

About: When life gives u lemons, squirt them in peoples eyes

Here is a simple 3 step everyday eye makeup routine. I love it and I hope you will too!

Step 1: Applying the First Colour

To begin with, take a light nude shade (I am using the second lightest shade from the W7 naked nudes palette) . Apply it with a small brush to the inner corner of your eye.

helpful hints:
you can apply primer beforehand

Step 2: Applying the Second Colour

take a shimmery light brown (sorry I don't know the name or brand of mine) and using a larger brush apply it over the whole if the lid.

Step 3: Applying the Final Colour

Finally, take a darker, less shimmery brown and apply it to the final third of your crease. Blend in well (I am using the lighter brown from the Body Collection Classic Eye shadows palette) And you are done!



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    Ooo it's so subtle but it really makes your eyes pop. Awesome job! Welcome to instructables!