easy to build and holds lots of rods easy to cock and strong

Step 1: Barrel

put 6 tan pieces on each gray rod

make sure a yellow rod can fit in the barrel

18 tan pieces
3 white connectors
1 orange connectors
3 gray rods
1 white rod

Step 2: Barrel and Hopper Construction

add all these orange connectors

12 orange connectors

Step 3: Hopper

the hopper is fairly large

2 white connectors
2 red rods
2 yellow connectors
2 yeloow rods
2 green rods

Step 4: Strenghining Arms and Fire Pin

3 black(gray) rods
3 orange connectors

Step 5: Finishing

ur done
hey i just finished it and all but how do you fire it? is there a rubber band mechanism? can you please help me?
this is my hopper, i have had it for ages.
not really i came up with it my self. are is probly just similar
no, i have had something that uses this since 2007.
what program do you use
It looks like knex chopsticks holding knex sushi.
lol :D
nothing new here.
this is purely my design and completely original
i think this was just made to be a mag, not a real gun.
no, it has a fireing pin and a barrel
it is do be used in your own design because it is fairly powerful and it doesn't jam so just build the gun around it if you want me to post a picture of a gun using it I can
yeah, and say that in the ible

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