pros-comfortable handle,few pieces.
cons-not very powerful.

Step 1: Pieces

rods:2red 3yellow 3gren connectors:1white  11orange  14yellow  1tan.  

Step 2: The Handle

build whats in the picture

Step 3: The Baral

build whats in the pictures

Step 4: The Ram Rod and Trigger

pic1 ram rod
pic2 trigger

Step 5: Put the Handle on the Baral

Step 6: Elastics

follow the pics

Step 7: Loading and Fireing

put a blue rod in the barrel and pull the ram rod and fire!
 Uhm this is a..... a..... a...uh.......... 
&nbsp;ok gun :) 3.5 stars&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 3.5 equals good. check the rating bar :)<br />
copied please removo this intructable<br />
i did not copy this <br /> <br />
been done a million times
make the trigger before the barrel &nbsp; <br />

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