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this is my first instructable please give constructive criticism. tell me if you want instructables made

8 shot burst
easy to reload
around 60 pieces only
easy to make
has safety

low range
not the most comfortable but i have seen worse

photo 3 down v2 changes made: changed from white piece spindle to blue spindle this has made minor changes in the position of the trigger etc

v2 pros:
never jams

v2 cons:
trigger is further away from handle and now has to be fired with thumb


~KGB~ (author)2012-09-04

You should try making a ramrod gun because its got better power. RBGs usually have less power and take a long time to reload. =D

benjiman345 (author)~KGB~2012-09-04

how do i do that can you please help me by modding it so it will work as i am very new to knex

~KGB~ (author)benjiman3452012-09-05

Look around, theres 100s of ram rod guns out there. i sold my knex so i cant really help that way =D

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Bio: i am 13 and only just found out about knex and am trying to pick up please give feedback on any of my guns
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