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Introduction: Simple Knex Safe

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 this is my simple knex safe. it is simple because it is mainly made to demo-straight the main mecinism. it is my first instructable so srry 4 bad instructions. it is based on i am canadians safe that i got bored waiting for, so give him some of the credit. please build and rate 5*!!! :) 
ps: this is the first knex safe with instructions on the whole of the internet!!!!

finaly sorted out the jumbo video!!!!

Step 1: Turney Thingy

 this is the part that you turn to get in.

Step 2: The Mechinism Frame

 this is the part that holds the bit you just made. dont worry!! this step isnt as long as the last.

Step 3: The Butten

 this is the butten that you push when you have entered your code. this step is even easyer!

Step 4: Twistey Thingy

 this is the thing that you twist once you have pushed the butten. this step is the easyest!

Step 5: The Door

 this is the door that opens once you have done all the other stuff. this step is sort of mediem

Step 6: Thing That Guards the Square Things

 this stops peoples hands getting into the main mechinism!! this piece is extra easy but, be warned the next 2 steps is deadly hard!!!! :o 

Step 7: The Box. What Thats the Shortest Name Weve Had So Far? What Happend to All of the Ridulessly Long Utter Rubbish Names We Have Had So Far??? O There It Is.

 not much to say.... its the box where we store stuff....thats all....what.... you want your monney back.....

Step 8: Assembly!!

 finaly it is the part you have been waiting for.... the assembly.  this is the last building step step.



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    Lol u can just take the pieces off and just get the stuff out

    very cool and i made it and it works great

    your safe opens without a code

    i dont get the 7th step that box thing

    how much space does it have and how do you unlock it?

    hello everyone i have a really nice video showing how the the whole mech works

    hi i have build this safe and modded it
    pls watch my modded safe and rate

    nev mind, u should totaly use the green part for armour!

    never mind i guess that was 3 hours waste of time ty verry much and u cant stop me i broke it up opps there gose the door hinges lol

    try and make a eseyer and smaller safe and do instructions or cand u recomend some one with instructions ty

    umm i built it and when i tryed turning the wheel bit non of the 4 wheels inside turn plz relpy to this matter befor i decide to brake it up

    i like the idea but it opens even without the right combination i have gone through the instructions many times and i have got it right but ....... i like it :P

    Works great! Kinda hard to follow the instructions, but easy enough. Showed it to all my friends, they were amazed by it! Great build, and fun to play around with. 5*, fave, and sub. Loved it!!!!!

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    Can u add a pice count??