this is my simple knex safe. it is simple because it is mainly made to demo-straight the main mecinism. it is my first instructable so srry 4 bad instructions. it is based on i am canadians safe that i got bored waiting for, so give him some of the credit. please build and rate 5*!!! :) 
ps: this is the first knex safe with instructions on the whole of the internet!!!!

finaly sorted out the jumbo video!!!!

Step 1: Turney Thingy

 this is the part that you turn to get in.

Step 2: The Mechinism Frame

 this is the part that holds the bit you just made. dont worry!! this step isnt as long as the last.

Step 3: The Butten

 this is the butten that you push when you have entered your code. this step is even easyer!

Step 4: Twistey Thingy

 this is the thing that you twist once you have pushed the butten. this step is the easyest!

Step 5: The Door

 this is the door that opens once you have done all the other stuff. this step is sort of mediem

Step 6: Thing That Guards the Square Things

 this stops peoples hands getting into the main mechinism!! this piece is extra easy but, be warned the next 2 steps is deadly hard!!!! :o 

Step 7: The Box. What Thats the Shortest Name Weve Had So Far? What Happend to All of the Ridulessly Long Utter Rubbish Names We Have Had So Far??? O There It Is.

 not much to say.... its the box where we store stuff....thats all....what.... you want your monney back.....

Step 8: Assembly!!

 finaly it is the part you have been waiting for.... the assembly.  this is the last building step step.
<p>can i just make this out of mini k'nex?</p>
Lol u can just take the pieces off and just get the stuff out
very cool and i made it and it works great
your safe opens without a code
it doesnt open
i dont get the 7th step that box thing
how much space does it have and how do you unlock it?
hello everyone i have a really nice video showing how the the whole mech works <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7BU2h7UZVI
hi i have build this safe and modded it <br>pls watch my modded safe and rate
nev mind, u should totaly use the green part for armour!
I don't understand this step
never mind i guess that was 3 hours waste of time ty verry much and u cant stop me i broke it up opps there gose the door hinges lol <br><br>try and make a eseyer and smaller safe and do instructions or cand u recomend some one with instructions ty
umm i built it and when i tryed turning the wheel bit non of the 4 wheels inside turn plz relpy to this matter befor i decide to brake it up
i like the idea but it opens even without the right combination i have gone through the instructions many times and i have got it right but ....... i like it :P
Works great! Kinda hard to follow the instructions, but easy enough. Showed it to all my friends, they were amazed by it! Great build, and fun to play around with. 5*, fave, and sub. Loved it!!!!!
Can u add a pice count??
i made this and added 18 layrs of rods. <br>then tried to smash and jump on neather broke it !!!!
18!!! Could you upload a picture?
today were gonna run it over !!!! :) <br>yea i can.
next imgonna run it over
have you fixed the hinge problem cause it can allow you to take the door cause ive fixed it<br>
Yep, and the normal walls on the safe have gaps but on mine there is no gaps.
good at least the door cant come of<br>
this is a great desighn i modified mine to have a stand
lol what is that dodododado sound in the back ground in the video?
I realy dont know...
Okay, Now that youve built the tumbler,... how do you figure out the code?
simple yet effective but i wouldnt keep my money in it. 5*
dude this sucks, can u post some pics of the white rods that stick out of the bits o the grey rod with the wheel? untill then, 0.5*
If you mean the white rods that stick out of the squares that spin, then place them where you want on the white connecter. Your code will be depend on where you place them. If this doesnt help then comment me back. I wont upload more photos because my laptop got taken away from me and everyone else managed to build it fine.
what is the combo two open it <br>
The code depends on where you place the white rods on the square things.
how long did it take you to load
What will happen if i spin it randomly :P will it still click into place ?? <br>
what is the combo
No, if you spin it randomly, when you push the button it will be blocked by the sguare things
i think you have the same knex i have! the big ball machine, right? nice instructable!
Umm... Do you mean the big ball factory if so i have that but i also have about 11 other boxes. And i got them all of ebay!!!
yup, thats the one! cool! :D
this is really cool but... who needs a safe to keep blue rods safe? =)
It can store many things. Not just blue rods
I put a combination on it so you don't have to look at the top<br>
I did have one of them but the paper kept ripping and getting creased so i took it of
make box bigger<br>
But its box can fit lots of stuff so doesnt realy need to be made bigger.
how do you make the box area bigger?
So you can store more stuff

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