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Introduction: Simple Leather Card Wallet

This is a really simple wallet made with leather and it's essentially without a closure, cause it usually will fit in a pocket.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You need:

+ sheet of thick leather (15 x 21)cm

+ needle (not thin one)

+ some (shoes) sewing thread

+ cutter

+ awl

Step 2: Leather Cutting

Watch the picture and simply cut the leather sheet using the indication written above these first two.

Step 3: Try to Bend and Roll

Try to bend and roll the leather and watch your wallet shapes and come to life.

Step 4: Get Wet and Bend

now we are ready to shape permanently the leather, so simply using water ...a little water, better to use a wet cloth that will works good. After get wet we have to bend.

Step 5: Shaping

cut small segments of as you can see in the picture on both side, it will help bend and shape the side of the wallet.

Step 6: Punch Hole

punch two columns of holes every 5mm and make (x) rows every 5mm, start punching holes 5mm from the side.

Step 7: Sewing

now the last structural step, sewing both side together. Watch the picture and go sewing it.

Step 8: Fill the Wallet With Your Card

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thank You !

Very nice job on the sewing, I can't imagine punching all those holes so precisely. Thanks for sharing!

1 reply

Thank you MsSweetSatisfaction!
That's my first instructable, i will share something else soon maybe about coconut work or bamboo..