there are many different phone stands made from lego, the one better than the other.

some are easy and simple but not sturdy

some are complex and very sturdy

some require special parts.

i made this tuturial for a easy simple, stand that doesn't require many parts

Step 1: Asemble

for this you need

9X 15 hole lego bricks

5-9X technic blocks

some flat plates.

2 1x1 flat block

lots of black technic conectors (2/3 blocks)

some joint conectors (gray ones)

its easy to asemble and very sturdy.

Step 2: Use It As a Stand

put the gray joint-connectors in the positon of how high you want your phone.

then its easy to use.

Step 3:

How is the stand attached ?
<p>its connected trough 2 1x1 flat lego blocks</p><p>the lego is stacked trough normal and then conencted trough the 9 hole technical parts</p>
<p>Nice design.</p>
<p>its one of the better model stands and can be modefied by using the 1x? slabs on a alternate place so the curve is different.</p><p>its also more durable and portable, due only being 2x8x15cm max in size</p>

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