Introduction: Simple Morse Code Toy (works With Rj11 Phone Cables)

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This instructable will show you how to make a simple morse code toy to play with.It exists of 2 boxes with a button and a light.

Step 1: The Circuit

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the circuit is really simple.
It is 2 circuits with switch and battery+light together.
The highlighted section is were it is in the phone cable.
when you connect through the cable using phone cable connectors (see picture)
to make it plug in, make sure to check the wires cause the colours-signal changes because of these connectors.

Step 2: Pictures of the Plug-in System

Picture of Pictures of the Plug-in System

make this twice and use a phone cable connector.

Step 3: Closing Up

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After you made the electronics you can put it in a box.
I used 2 plastic kid safes for casing.
make sure the phone cord sticks out. when both are in boxes you can connect them and play with it.

Step 4: Play With It!

Picture of Play With It!

You can paste a card with morse on the box so you can make a message.
--● --- --- -●● -●●● -●-- ●!
what means: goodbye!


peter---peter (author)2014-02-16

you mean the yellow-green? I got it in a store here in the netherlands.

snakelips1 (author)2014-02-15

Where did you get that electrical tape? I've only seen it in Australia.

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