this is a fairly simple water rocket using only the pressure from your tap ,suprisingly there is alot of force from the tap and this rocket will put it to use in a simple way ,at a low cost  . it can reach heights of 10m-20m    30ft-60ft

Step 1: Materials

you will need:
pvc cement
a male director that screws into a gardina nozzle width 25mm( 1 inch).
about 4cm (2inches) of 15mm pipe (0.6 inches)
a male director that screws into a gardina nozzle width 25mm(1 inch)
Gardina nozzle
cable ties

tools :

Step 2:

screw the male director into the gardina nozzle

Step 3:

just push the pipe onto the male director (it should be tight)

Step 4:

get your threaded pipe and screw it into the  plug that fits into the bottle , length dosent matter that much
2 examples shown

Step 5:

now brush on the cement on the inside of the threaded pipe and the out side of the 15mm pipe

Step 6: Your Done

now just let the cement dry, mount it onto a post , fit a bottle and hit the water

Step 7: For Extra Height

the pressure can be improved by covering half of the plug that fits in to the bottle with electrical tape or another thin tape that stretches
My outdoor tap supplies about 100-105psi so I use that to fill a old air compressor tank to that pressure and then use it as a water gun! :)
<p>Never do that. It will rust out and explode. By the way, I have the same water pressure.</p>
sounds bloody awesome, would not want a 100 psi pipe blowing underneath my house though .

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