Picture of simple paper clip gun
a simple gun made of a few knex pieces and a rubber band made to fire paper clips.

Step 1: Build it

Picture of build it
take 2 yellow sticks and a connector with ony 2 clips side by side and connect the sticks into the connectors.
peyton143 years ago
sweet. noobs in math class-look out!
1haha, i used it on school!! thats really fun!! my teacher was angry!! unbelieveble!

BuhBomb4 years ago
I'm making a instructable that's sort of like this. Want to see it before it's published?
benny80254 years ago
Why not just use the thumb and index finger in place?
Plo Koon4 years ago
I found it worked better if i bent it apart a bit.
techdeck124 years ago
wow it works brill
calloween5 years ago
Could be good for hornets
it would be awesome or hornets!!!!!
nkk077 years ago
you could use your fingers stupid
xmtr nkk074 years ago
Wait, wouldn't it just be better if we fired a stage three hornet from it? It seems like less work, for twice the effect.
wats a stage 3 hornet? im jw
jamescobb5 years ago
hmm, maybe use a protractor instead? you *might* have one at work.
and when i use it i unfold the paper clip except the last loop
Decent not as good as the finger Honet though Peace to all peeps
ow wtf the rubber band snapped and the paper clip backfired onto my forehead.
ezah6 years ago
whatever u do dont use string it is rubbish
quesoman6 years ago
i like using hornets as amo....my biggest problem is my rubber bands keep breaking
quesoman6 years ago
super easy considering i have 2 big containers of Knex in my room.......im gonna make so much money off of these
JustListenToMe (author) 8 years ago
sorry about not having pics, i couldnt get it to work. comments welcome.
man i made this thing automatic!
What could I use instead of k'nex peices I don't have any.
TJS8 years ago
nice instructable i made a stand for mine
What if you don't have knex
pooboy8 years ago
nice 1 !!! but isnt the paper clip just gonna stay on when u shoot?
caddilac8 years ago
please help!!!! how do i fire it
This is probobly the most painful thing i made, other than my ink tube shooter which I dont want to talk about.
robodud38 years ago
waspsi made thes and they shooy out of your finger like your instucatabel but they arnt paper clips they would shoot out of that thing the same if not better way
aiden1200008 years ago
That's a nice little jiggamathing
Black Sheep8 years ago
damn i wish i had knex all i got is a million lego pieces
Bad Donut8 years ago
cry_wolf8 years ago
Awsome, simple yet efficient, good work.
JustListenToMe (author) 8 years ago
9 out of ten times it worked for me, and in step 3 the clip is upside down
JustListenToMe (author) 8 years ago
no it almost always works, and when it doesnt fire you just didnt put them on right and i did test it and paperclips are everywhere now.
alexsolex8 years ago
Step 3 : Did you try it ? I'm pretty sure if you release the paperclip like you showed in this step, it will not go very far and stay on the rubber band... You may try to bend it so that the 'external' end of the paperclip make a "V". Then, bend the internal to prevent to hang on the rubber when releasing... I know my explanation is not very good, I lack some english vocabulary to explain myself...
Neodudeman8 years ago
lol, that's cute
JustListenToMe (author) 8 years ago
I got the pics to go on, yay!