Simple Paper Clip Gun





Introduction: Simple Paper Clip Gun

a simple gun made of a few knex pieces and a rubber band made to fire paper clips.

Step 1: Build It

take 2 yellow sticks and a connector with ony 2 clips side by side and connect the sticks into the connectors.

Step 2: Finishing

take an end connector with only one slot and thread the rubber band thru thru the hole. Put one end of the rubber band thru the other and make it tight. take another connector and do this again with the same rubber band so the rubber band should be tightly on both. Attach to the ends of the yellow sticks.

Step 3: Firing

hold the gun by the other end opposite of the band. (it should look like a triangle) put the rubber band thru the rubber band by the opening of the clip. pull back by the paper clip and fire. goes very far if you have a tight rubber band.



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    sweet. noobs in math class-look out!

    1haha, i used it on school!! thats really fun!! my teacher was angry!! unbelieveble!


    I'm making a instructable that's sort of like this. Want to see it before it's published?

    Why not just use the thumb and index finger in place?

    I found it worked better if i bent it apart a bit.

    wow it works brill

    Could be good for hornets

    it would be awesome or hornets!!!!!

    you could use your fingers stupid


    LOL XD