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Introduction: Simple Pen Gun

this is a small, yet powerful pen gun that i made when i was not under any circumstances, shoot this at any living creature. by the way, this is my first instructable and feel free to comment on it.

Step 1: Parts

you will need :

a ballpoint pen
2 rubber bands

Step 2: Pen Disassimbly

unscrew the top and bottom of the pen and take the ink cartridge out of the bottom part that you unscrewed

Step 3: Trigger

cut one of the rubber bands in half and tie it to the bottom of the pen with the other rubber band

Step 4: Loading the Gun

put the ink cartridge through the top of the pen

Step 5: Fire!

pull the cut rubber band back with the ink cartridge and let go. have fun with my instructable!



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    that would be cool to make a gun case and put it inside :D

    I made one but mine only shot at least 8 feet. am i doing some thing wrong

    that is awesome i put a hole im my foot but use a glove finger not rubbah bands

    Hey Dude ! That so Simple Thanks

    Make an improvment gun, one that is more accurate, more power, etc.

    cool  this is the best pen gun i made

     AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST ONE EVER!!!!!  :)