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hi everyone, figure i post this for the people that want to make an phone or horizontal ipod stand. I find it works really well, and can be used on many different phones(with some adjustments) 

you will need:a butter fly paperclip, and a pair of pliers.


Step 1: Unbend

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first, you want to take the paper clip and pull apart the two pointed ends.

Step 2: Twist

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second, you have to twist the two sides up.

Step 3: Pull

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third, pull the two ends back

Step 4: Fold

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forth, you have to make a stopper to..well stop your phone from sliding off.

Step 5: Bend

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Lastly, you want to bend the ends of the paper clip with the pliers so you don't scratch up the back of your phone.

Step 6: Adjust and Extras

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if your phone is top heavy you can bend the arms forward to balance it out.And if you want to you can dip it in plasti-dip to give it a nice grip.


IG-88 (author)2012-09-16

Fantastic! Simple. Cheap, & effective.

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