Simple, Powerful Knex Rod Shooter


Introduction: Simple, Powerful Knex Rod Shooter

this tiny shooter uses 4 connectors and four rods. it shoots about 75ft depending on the rubberbands. this is my first instructable so be nice and plzz comment

Step 1: Get the Pieces

you need:

2 half circle connectors

2 full connectors with the gap in one connecting part

4 white rods that are one size bigger than the lil green ones

and atleast one rubber band

Step 2: Putting It Together

connect them......... as shown

Step 3: Add Rubber Band

connect from white connector on the exit side. then twist rubber band and wrap around back to the other white connector...



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    omg... i can shoot more range than this with a fart. "75 feet" probably the biggest lie on the site.

    i built it and this is by far one of the greatest knex creations ever!!!!!

    picture no. 4 was quite blurry

    This isn't half bad! Good for a first. ps: I'm not high and or drunk.

    So your telling me this eight piece gun can shoot 75 feet?!?

    nevermind miscalculation it was only 56ft (dumbass friend)i have a new gun im goin to post and it wont suck ...sorry

    1 reply

    well, it's ok if you know that this gun is not good. please, continue posting guns, but make sure that there not as simple as this one.

    sorry i know it sucks but i did get it to shoot 75ft sorry ill post a vid as soon as i can..

    wow, i think guns might have sunk to a new low... you did not even show how to load it, or a video of it shooting for proof.

    75 ft! wow, if that is true post a vid!