Survival Snare





Introduction: Survival Snare

Easy instructions how to make a simple snare that can be used in a survival situation.

WARNING... this should only be used in a survival situation. It is illegal to trap game animals without a license.

Step 1: Materials

All you'll need is:

-a knife
-a stick (see pic.)
-some string

Step 2: Making the Snare

Take the string and fold one end over about an inch and a half. Now tie the the folded part in a lose overy-undery knot and thread the opposite end of the string through the hole. Tighten the knot so the string isn't falling through.
Then take the stick and sharpen the end of it and make a notch on the opposite end.
Tie the snare to the stick with the string in the notch to hold it in place.

Step 3: Seting Up

Find a well used trail (look for a long line where no plants are growing and the leaves are packed down) and look for a place that creates a natural funnel.
Drive the pointed end of the stick into the ground (make sure its deep or it wont hold).
Poke some small sticks into the ground and use them to keep the loop open, then poke some more sticks into the ground around the trap so animals cant go around it.



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    Does this trap work great?

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