Easy instructions how to make a simple snare that can be used in a survival situation.

WARNING... this should only be used in a survival situation. It is illegal to trap game animals without a license.

Step 1: Materials

All you'll need is:

-a knife
-a stick (see pic.)
-some string

Step 2: Making the Snare

Take the string and fold one end over about an inch and a half. Now tie the the folded part in a lose overy-undery knot and thread the opposite end of the string through the hole. Tighten the knot so the string isn't falling through.
Then take the stick and sharpen the end of it and make a notch on the opposite end.
Tie the snare to the stick with the string in the notch to hold it in place.

Step 3: Seting Up

Find a well used trail (look for a long line where no plants are growing and the leaves are packed down) and look for a place that creates a natural funnel.
Drive the pointed end of the stick into the ground (make sure its deep or it wont hold).
Poke some small sticks into the ground and use them to keep the loop open, then poke some more sticks into the ground around the trap so animals cant go around it.
<p>Does this trap work great?</p>
<p>Wow, this is an awesome trap! Never thought about making it like this!</p>
hate to tell you gecko hiker but the reason cow and buffalo survive off of greens only so well is they have completely different digestive system..ie multiple process areas and fermintation to gain the full benefits from greens only.
I have one thing to say lets take one vegan and one hunter put them in the wilderness for 2 months and find out who comes out .
<p>I've done a several&nbsp;survival courses in my&nbsp;life and&nbsp;the instructors always admit&nbsp;that the use of snares and fishing line&nbsp;is mainly for entertainment purposes in a survival situation.&nbsp; They had us skinning cattail roots and gutting dandelion greens for&nbsp;food, and&nbsp;setting snares and fishing for amusement.&nbsp;&nbsp;One winter we&nbsp;made toasted pine jerky from the&nbsp;tender inner layer of pine&nbsp;bark, stole&nbsp;walnuts from squirrels,&nbsp;and dug up wild onions.&nbsp; The squirrels often forget their caches so no squirrels were actually harmed during&nbsp;that expedition in winter wilderness survival.<br /> <br /> The vegan will come out on top because human civilization&nbsp;is predominantly built on&nbsp;plant&nbsp;predation&nbsp;and the vegan has made a study of plant food sources that hunters will ignore.&nbsp; In most hunter-gatherer societies the gatherers keep everyone afloat when the hunters frequently come back empty handed.&nbsp; If you know your local vegetation you can eat well through the winter.&nbsp; Even the game that you might possibly catch with snares eats vegetation to survive, and so can you.&nbsp; The Roman army survived long marches by eating greens found along the way, accompanied by a bit of salt.&nbsp; The salt paid to the Roman troops was their &quot;salary&quot;.&nbsp;&nbsp; In Icaria, residents eat wild greens and have an exceedingly long and healthy life.&nbsp; Their lifestyle and diet is being studied now to discover why greens are so life sustaining.&nbsp; I see bison and cattle surviving on greens and they are much bigger than I am.&nbsp; Obviously, greens in the wild is the real key to survival.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p>
<p>You must live in suburbia... Several survival courses? You have no clue.. Just an opinion...</p>
Unless you want to be eating all day like a herbivore you are gonna need some meat to stay in shape.
I vote the Vegan
Hunter will win if it flies it dies if it's red it's dead if it's brown it's down
Hunter or gatherer?
Wow whoever wrote this isn't a very good survivalist. First the animal will take off with your snare wire and then what you going to do? Always fix the snare to something or make sure the drag is heavy enough not to be drug to far. Good luck eating with this
From step#3 <br> <br>&quot;Drive the pointed end of the stick into the ground (make sure its deep or it wont hold).&quot;
I heard that rabbits are considered a pest, which means that it would be considered legal to trap without a license, is that true?
all depends on where you live. <br>in Australia you can trap them without a license, you would have to check your local laws to find out what the requirement is.
no they are protected and illeagle to kill out of season or without a hunting licence unless it is a life or death matter
Uhm, not here they're not. In this state, anything that looks or acts like a big rodent can be live trapped and must thereafter either be killed or released.
hehe he said overy
Personally I prefer brass snare wire and a fixed snare, this looks like a drag snare. The animal can run and be lost in the bush. <br> <br>There are many articles that can be sighted as to survival in the wilderness, however there are two reasons hunting is in the fall. Breading is over and animals starve in the winter that is why hunters cull the heard in the fall. <br> <br>The snow shoe rabbit does not fully digest it food so in the winter when food is scarce the snow shoe rabbit eats its own fecal material. <br> <br>I wouldn&rsquo;t want to eat the rabbits dinner. <br>
Would you put bait in this, or just wait for animals to run by?
depends on how long you want to wait
I think everyone who has ever posted a comment online should read this comic:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://xkcd.com/481/">http://xkcd.com/481/</a><br/><br/>Good comic for intelligent people, btw.<br/>
YES! It needed to be said! Thank you! Thank the artist! Thank everyone!
I have to say unless you are very familiar with local flora, eat bambi and thumper. Pretty much anything crawls, swims , runs , or flys ( good luck) is edible, eating a plant your unfamilar with is not a good Idea.
thank you have helped me out alot to make this in quickedy lick speed *hug*
Snares made of string or twine are generally not used. Trapped animals have a knack for chewing through the weak fibers. If you are serious about trapping, invest in some high tensile trip wire available at any army suplus store, swap meet, etc.
go to a hardware store and by yourself some brass wire and your good also
Thanks, i havent gotton my licence yet so im not trapping, but i do have military tripwire.
I agree, metallic snare wire is more efficient, and more humane as it can't be chewed thru, and can only get tighter as the animal fights (so it will die faster, snaring animals sometimes ain't pretty). Also make sure you check your snares often as predators may "help themselves" to an easy meal if you catch anything. Also having a small calibre weapon (like a .22) when checking your snares is a good idea (to finish off an animal as quickly as possible if it ain't dead, and in case you attracted predators).
ya my 10/22 ain't much use on the couger in my neiborhood that they still haven't caught for a year and he's stealing my squirrelstry a 30-06 for this proplem
A mini bat that you get at the ballpark works well too. One crack between the eyes makes them go night night.
all you need is a good 2" thick sitck
I would much rather make a punji stick trap because it would probably kill the animal quicker.
would 50 lb test nylon do the trick
i guess, the size of the snare wire should fit of the size of the gane
Allways attach a springer to a snare.that way you dont have to hope the target doesnt step out of the snare,once it steps in-whalla
Ironically I've always wanted to try fishing as a sport... I would too if you could release them without hurting them.
Use a net.
You can release fish without hurting them. You just have to know what you're doing.
i think its a good trap.i watch man vs wild and survivor man and thats the same stuff they do.ill put some really good traps up on this site because i'm a new member
I would recommend getting some snaring wire or something an animal couldn't chew through

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