Easy instructions how to make a simple snare that can be used in a survival situation.

WARNING... this should only be used in a survival situation. It is illegal to trap game animals without a license.
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Step 2: Making the snare

Take the string and fold one end over about an inch and a half. Now tie the the folded part in a lose overy-undery knot and thread the opposite end of the string through the hole. Tighten the knot so the string isn't falling through.
Then take the stick and sharpen the end of it and make a notch on the opposite end.
Tie the snare to the stick with the string in the notch to hold it in place.

Step 3: Seting up

Find a well used trail (look for a long line where no plants are growing and the leaves are packed down) and look for a place that creates a natural funnel.
Drive the pointed end of the stick into the ground (make sure its deep or it wont hold).
Poke some small sticks into the ground and use them to keep the loop open, then poke some more sticks into the ground around the trap so animals cant go around it.
A good name5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
If you are a vegan and never eat or wear any animal products, I highly respect your opinion and choice. If not, you're a hypocrite and just let other do the killing for you...
Spazz633 ve2vfd1 month ago

Notice these people live in cities and towns they have no clue of self sufficiency..

Well I'm not sure about my shoes but I try to avoid animal products... I'm a vegetarian not a vegan, I'll eat eggs and milk, no fish though. It's completely immoral to kill.
I'm a vegetarian too, and I'm just curious as to why you became a vegetarian and still are. Could you tell me? I did it for many reasons, mostly because:
1. Killing is immoral. We don't kill humans, why should we kill animals?
2. The meat industry is the number one cause of global warming. Even if you meat-eaters don't care that your eating another living creature, you're still killing the earth.
3. I'm helping end world hunger. The ratio of food fed to cows and the amount of meat produced is 7:1. That means that if every family in America replaced 4 oz of beef with 4 oz of tofu, one meal of every week, there would be 10 gallons of fresh drinking water for every person on this planet.
4. It's healthier. While many people with "standard" diets may be obese and have various health issues, only 7% of vegetarians are obese.
5. It's not that hard. Despite what people may think, based on the rewards and consequences, it's not much harder to live a guilt-free life.
6. It's much cooler. There are many celebrities and famous people that are vegetarian and even vegan. If you want the list go here:
7. It's different. 'nuff said...
I totally respect your choice, I couldn't last a second (cowardly me) as a veggie, but i'm happy some people had the will to go on with it. I like the idea of saving the planet and whatnot, so I hope you stay veggie forever man.
Making a change of lifestyle for any reason can always be hard, but like all changes it may take small steps and gradual change. Even if you don't go completely veggie, just cutting back on meat is a relatively simple change to make, and it's also the first step in completely dropping meat.
Well, If you didn't hunt the animals, then there would be too many around the world. There is about 1 chicken to 1 human in the world, if we didn't hunt them, then there would be billions more, and more earth crowding.
That's not necessarily true. If we didn't hunt them all the animals kept as livestock now would be living in the wild where they would find natural predators. Besides, as long as humans have a choice (which should be a while) many people will want to eat meat, so there will most likely always be animals kept as livestock.
1: Yep. 2: No, that would be the auto industry. However if you factor everything in (IE, the cost of trucking the cows, etc, etc) then eventually, you'd end up with a similar margin. Although it is still a big polluter. 3: Didn't know that... 4: I'm actually pretty unhealthy for all the grains I eat. My problem is that I just eat too much to be honest :| 5: I don't know, I've been a "veggie" since I was 3. 6: :| Okay no comment. 7: Woooo :D Anti-conformity.
holy crud dude! if we didnt kill stuff to eat we'd never have even gotten to be cavemen. have you noticed, that alot of the really big, majestic, more popular animals, kill things to eat? if you are seriously that hard headed go try to learn how to photosynthesize and tell me how that works out.
I don't want to be rude but you really need to get some facts straight before you judge or even argue your disagreement with someone. If you really want me to I can give you close to twenty reasons (with evidence) why you shouldn't eat meat. And yes, cavemen did eat meat, but they had to eat it to survive. We don't, and if you hadn't noticed it's because we're a bit more technological than cavemen. Plus using cavemen as a source of evidence for arguing isn't reliable. If you have evidence from 1982 and evidence from 2006, which are you going to trust more? And remember if you really want me to, I can give you those "pro-vegetarian" arguments. Just tell me if you want them.
(removed by author or community request)
I'll answer your question with a question: What is so wrong about people killing people?
(removed by author or community request)
I'm not even going to argue with you about morality here. I think I would drive myself insane trying to explain it to someone as narrow-minded about this topic as you. Do you seriously think that an animal's life is inferior to your's? What makes you (an animal) different from the animals you eat? You're both mammals (this doesn't include fish), you both have well-developed nervous systems so you can both feel pain, and you can both express that pain (yes, pigs and cows do scream in pain when they are being scalded alive to get rid of the fur on their bodies). The only reason it is legal to kill animals is because, as a species, humans have hunted for thousands of years, and when this first started happening eating meat was necessary for survival, but people just keep eating meat even though they don't have to, so it has become the norm. You can't base all of the things you do off of society. In the 1700's through the early 1800's, slavery was the societal norm. Do you think we should still have slavery because, certain views may not be "adopted by the majority" of people?
(removed by author or community request)
You just took two completely different topics and merged them... You evidently have no idea what you're talking about and are just another one of the narrow-minded sheep that are easily prodded by society.

Even YOU are admitting that you think it's okay to eat meat because society says it's okay.

Hence, Ironchopstix = Sheep
right on. I'd try being a veggie, but I don't think my parents would take it seriously.
But no, just stop now. I don't want to spam this person's instructable any longer. People have, and will likely continue to kill for a long, long time. I have no issue with that, since it's an issue I can't fight.
I think that if you are a vegetarian you should have a reason and wouldn't just do nothing. If you really do think it's immoral to kill then you would try to stop it. If it was ok for people to be killed at a high rate, wouldn't you try to stop it as well?
No. No I would not. In order to do that, I would have to kill, or set off bombs. I am a Christian. Call me bloody insane (I realize how stupid this sounds, just to tell you) but I refuse to kill, or to damage my "neighbour's" property. Unfortunately, I do not want to risk our God being an unforgiving one.
You really should go to Peta2's website. You can get a whole bunch of info about organizing (peaceful) protests. It seems like you're making this whole "save the animals" thing harder than it needs to be... I know that as soon as I get a chance and some people to help, I'm gonna do a protest.
Isn't PETA that crazy animal association that pours blood on people with fur coats? But I don't protest. It's mainly because I don't live in a huge area and no one around here is a veggie I don't think...
Peta2 is actually the area of Peta targeted at teens, and I just think it's more user friendly than the PETA website. You can also get free stuff : )
PETA is the crazy organization then?
Seriously? Where are you getting your information? Now I think you're just assuming things. Please don't judge or say things about them until you've at least been to their website and seen what they're about. That's just bad policy.
My friend told me, websites have told me. They're not ran by extremists, but the group is filled with crackpots in my opinion.
No offense, but you would suck at debating. You can't base things entirely on your opinion. You need evidence.
Having three sites cite something, (no, not wikipedia) a book, and a friend, I'm convinced it's evidence, now like I said, stop posting on here.
I'm sorry if I have angered you, Its not intentional, but why do you get mad at posting on this guy's instructable. If it was me I would be glad that people are posting on it. That means that more people will find it and he'll get more views. Simple advertising scheme...
I'm not mad, but I don't think that we should be spamming him. Remember, this goes right to his email inbox.
I just think it's a matter of opinion... The last few days the majority of my email was instructables and I kind of enjoyed it :)
I live in a republican state that generates a lot of income from beef farming, and I'm a democratic vegetarian... Where you live isn't really a problem unless you live somewhere like western Kansas...
Yeah, however, there's no one here in my area that's a vegan... or at least no one that's doing it for ethical reasons. Most people around here do it for religion if at all. (Also on the note of PETA, I have confirmed they are the crazy-dogkilling clan... Sorry, but I refuse to support people like them)
recyclebin (author)  A good name5 years ago
eggs are undeveloped baby birds
Technically if they're taken before anything starts then they'd only BECOME birds... it's not really killing them since they never lived in the first place. I don't eat eggs too much anyways for that very reason but sometimes I will... Milk isn't too bad though.
Thats like saying that abbortion isn't killing a baby because it wasn't born so it hadn't lived yet.
It is killing the baby. In the egg though, it doesn't develope, just has the potential to. If you get the egg before it develops AT ALL then it's fine since there was nothing there. I see what you're saying, and that's why I don't eat them alot.

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