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Easy instructions how to make a simple snare that can be used in a survival situation.

WARNING... this should only be used in a survival situation. It is illegal to trap game animals without a license.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
All you'll need is:

-a knife
-a stick (see pic.)
-some string

Step 2: Making the snare

Picture of making the snare
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Take the string and fold one end over about an inch and a half. Now tie the the folded part in a lose overy-undery knot and thread the opposite end of the string through the hole. Tighten the knot so the string isn't falling through.
Then take the stick and sharpen the end of it and make a notch on the opposite end.
Tie the snare to the stick with the string in the notch to hold it in place.

Step 3: Seting up

Picture of seting up
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Find a well used trail (look for a long line where no plants are growing and the leaves are packed down) and look for a place that creates a natural funnel.
Drive the pointed end of the stick into the ground (make sure its deep or it wont hold).
Poke some small sticks into the ground and use them to keep the loop open, then poke some more sticks into the ground around the trap so animals cant go around it.
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hate to tell you gecko hiker but the reason cow and buffalo survive off of greens only so well is they have completely different digestive multiple process areas and fermintation to gain the full benefits from greens only.
A good name6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
If you are a vegan and never eat or wear any animal products, I highly respect your opinion and choice. If not, you're a hypocrite and just let other do the killing for you...
Well I'm not sure about my shoes but I try to avoid animal products... I'm a vegetarian not a vegan, I'll eat eggs and milk, no fish though. It's completely immoral to kill.
recyclebin (author)  A good name6 years ago
eggs are undeveloped baby birds

No, we only eat un-fertilised eggs, the fertilised eggs contain chicks, un-fertilised eggs are pooped out when not fertilised by a cockrel.

Technically if they're taken before anything starts then they'd only BECOME birds... it's not really killing them since they never lived in the first place. I don't eat eggs too much anyways for that very reason but sometimes I will... Milk isn't too bad though.
Thats like saying that abbortion isn't killing a baby because it wasn't born so it hadn't lived yet.
It is killing the baby. In the egg though, it doesn't develope, just has the potential to. If you get the egg before it develops AT ALL then it's fine since there was nothing there. I see what you're saying, and that's why I don't eat them alot.
This may sound bad from different point of view, but killing animals is just a way of life. Why can wolves kill rabbits, but it's wrong for a human to kill a cow (which are bred to be killed)? The only reason we think it's wrong is because we have the capability to think at that high of a level. If you want a real problem then start hating pollution. It's worse for animals because they're not even being killed to survive.
Well, we (theoretically, I'm a christian though) developed from monkeys. Monkeys did not ever eat meat. Therefore, it's okay for the wolves, but it still bugs me. If I were given a gun and someone said "There, go shoot that rabbit" And I saw a wolf about to attack it, I'd likely shoot the wolf instead and let the rabbit get away.
That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The only valid reason someone would tell you to shoot a rabbit is for a survival situation, and you're saying you would kill a wolf that was about to kill a rabbit that you could eat to survive, and then not even eat the wolf! No offense, but that is purely idiotic. btw, monkeys did eat meat. Meat is another word for animals as food, and termites are animals. Monkeys eat termites.
1: Please, stop being so obnoxious. 2: Get some morals, and don't feed me that "survival of the fittest" Bullshit 3: Termites aren't animals, they're insects (don't try to get deeper into that) 4: Good day.
Apes eat other primates and often kill them just for fun, gorillas will rip the skin off of a living gorilla to watch it suffer just for giggles,

Adult dolphins kill seals and baby dolphins just for fun life is cruel.

Chimps make spears to hunt other primates with, Apes are not vegetarians. Would you argue that monkeys are not animals?
(chimps hunting monkeys with spears)

Sorry to step in here and I really could care less eat you eat unless you are pregnant, don't have a sick malnourished baby do to your religious beliefs. As for the veggy thing do you have any idea how many animals have to be killed to grow and harvest an acre of any vegetables?

As for the cool people that are doing it, name one Olympic or professional level athlete that is a vegetarian (surfers don't count), they do not exist.

For the egg people , a vegan one explained to me that eating a chicken egg was the equivalent to sucking on a bloody tampon, but then again the vegan people are OK with eating a human afterbirth (placenta?) and consider it to be the only form of meat ok to eat.

Eat what you like and be happy, don't criticize others for what they choose to eat and don't be sucked into a cult. Never send money to an organization that manipulates your emotions to get a financial response from you. ie if an organization is posting disturbing images to try to get you to open your wallet they are manipulating you by getting you to react with your primitive emotional brain instead of you rational human brain, peta is just as guilty as the anti abortion groups in using nasty images to make lots of money while never accomplishing anything except taking your money.

Do you really thin it will become illegal to eat meat? then do not send these people your money. Just eat what you like.
"As for the veggy thing do you have any idea how many animals have to be killed to grow and harvest an acre of vegetables?" What? You're joking right? I planted roughly a quarter of an acre of veggies in my backyard, without an animal casualty. Anti-abortion groups don't take your money. Anti-abortion groups are normally organizations that use the money to hold rallies and stuff and keep websites up. The egg thing you're pointing out is horseshit. It isn't licking a bloody tampon, it's laying an egg which is unfertilized. Many animals lay eggs. I'm quite sorry to say but you sir are just another one of the many sheep I interact with throughout my life, who believe that God made animals on four legs to be eaten by animals with two legs, who believe oil is never going to run out, and who believe whatever the government tells you.
"What? You're joking right? I planted roughly a quarter of an acre of veggies in my backyard, without an animal casualty." Your rotary tiller, shovel or garden fork killed hundreds if not thousands of beatles, worms and larvae, what about the mice, moles and other small animals? their homes you destroyed, what about the snails, and slugs, YOU KILLED them, what about the ants, the moths and butterfly cocoons you cut to peaces. There are more animals below the surface then above it. "Anti-abortion groups don't take your money. Anti-abortion groups are normally organizations that use the money to hold rallies and stuff and keep websites up." If activists groups don't take your money were do they get it from? Are they printing the money in a back room? Do you really think that all the lawyers and activists both pro and anti any cause are working for free. Why do all of their websites have a "make a donation button" if they do not take your money. To find the truth follow the money.
Tiller? You've got to be joking. I have a raised bed. It was previously lawn. Moles do not live under my lawn. Ha, I cut ants and moths to pieces? Yeah, I got out a knife and made sure they were dead. As for butterfly. >< Sigh. That was the point I made about the abortion groups. They use the money for things. They don't steal it for themselves. Shut the hell up and get the hell out, because you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.
Quarter of an Acre of raised beds? that would be 10,890 square feet of garden space, at best you can buy top soil and compost for $1 per cubic foot it usually cost more than double that, you would have needed to purchase at least 5000 cubic feet to fill a quarter acre of raided beds. sure you have a 10,000.square raised bed, sure you do, so did your dad give you $5000 to buy dirt with or did you pay for it your self mowing lawns?
"The egg thing you're pointing out is horseshit. It isn't licking a bloody tampon, it's laying an egg which is unfertilized. Many animals lay eggs." Come 7th grade in your health class you will learn that a period is an unfertilized egg being disposed of . If you are curious about that kind of stuff now you could ask your mom or a close relative to explain it to you.
I'm in the eighth grade, nice try making yourself seem superior though.
That was a bit abrupt, but I completely agree
I did write probably over 200 lines (including sources) of arguments that covered everyone of his points, and how he's wrong... but it wouldn't post it...
Hmmm... it doesn't matter, being wrong speaks for itself, now Karl, can we PLEASE, take this into private chat or something?
Sorry for the delay. It says there's Invalid Formatting in the Comment, so it won't let me post it...
please, no one say anything to this guy. I want to be the first to reply to this...
1. Please stop being so obnoxious. 2. I respect that some people don't eat meat for a variety of reasons so I would like it if you would offer the same courtesy to people who do eat meat and disagree with you. 3. Why do you discount termites right of the bat? Is there any reason that the life of a termite is any less valid than yours? All things die sooner or later so why do you insist that it is wrong to kill?
Plus, if any of you hadn't noticed, animals have been killing other animals for millions of years.
Man this was the dumbest comment I have ever made...
(removed by author or community request)
Of mine?
I'm only going to say this one thing because I feel it would be unfair to have an intellectual stand-off with someone who thinks that inscts aren't animals! Look it up on Wikipedia:
Hmm... Waddaya know... The third animal in the picture is an insect DIPSHIT! I really didn't want an online argument to go that far, but you asked for it.
(removed by author or community request)
No offense but that has to be the lamest comment I've ever heard.
Thank You! I hate it when people are stuck-up like that! >:(
no problem. I do too.
just because you wouldn't eat it doesn't make it not an animal. besides. survival of the fittest means the deaths of thousands of animals every day as prey. you are not mourning them. you are afraid of death, so you are trying to rationalize it by saying it is cruel to kill another animal.
Thanks for adding a rational comment to this argument. I was tired of responding to bullshit. Maybe he stopped arguing because he knew I was right...
many types of monkeys eat meat, most importantly chimps.
I apologize for all of the time I spent arguing with you, but there are some facts you have wrong. Dr. Explosion is right. Laying an egg is like the hen having a period. It just goes to waste. Unless, that is, a rooster fertilizes the egg, but in factory farms, there are no roosters. With that, the only reason you should avoid most eggs and egg products is because the way hens are treated.
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