Picture of simple solar dragster car
this is my robot dragster

 it is simple and fun!

i am 12 years old.

i am entering it for simplest 'bot

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Step 1: Parts and tools

Picture of parts and tools
these are the parts and tools u will need.

Step 2: Cutting the itunes card

Picture of cutting the itunes card
u will need to cut the itunes card to the size of the solar cell

Step 3: Soldering

Picture of soldering
in these pics it shows where the motor is soldered to the solar cell. u should test it in strong sunlight.

Step 4: Compleation

Picture of compleation

Step 5: Here it is

Picture of here it is

nice robot, i got that same solar cell from radio shack and i heated it up to much and it shattered, btw cool robot and nice job!
zazenergy4 years ago
That's really fun, thanks for sharing! Any chance you could take some clearer imagines of it?
junkbotmaker (author)  zazenergy4 years ago
shure i can do that
TSC4 years ago