recently my roommate and I were playing with laser pointers for his optics class experiments and giggles and we discover that holding the push button on a conventional laser pointer is a very tedious effort. So we started to just tape the button tight to make it shine continuously. But that created a whole new level of tediousness -- removing and reattaching the tape when we want to change the mode of operation. Last night I came up with this simple mod that would solve this problem once and for all!
And then you can make cool photos and pretend to study low speed aerodynamics like the ones included here.

OBJECTIVE: be able to conveniently hold conventional laser pointer push button without applying continuous pressure yourself.
NEED: some tape (L_tape>=2pi*D_laser);
a toothpick (or a similar shaped/thickness pin of any kind);
and a conventional push button laser pointer.

P.S.: This is my first instructable, please be gentle. 

Step 1: Tape

First take the tape and make a ring with the sticky side out, make sure that the diameter is going to be just big enough so you can slide it on and off the laser pointer easily.
Then put another layer with the sticky side inward (so no outer surfaces are sticky at all) around the first ring.
Finally slide it on the laser pointer, covering the evil push button.
This should not activate the push button and you should be able to use your laser pointer as before.
Very inventive! I'm sure with more time this could be done electronically, but not without having to modify the laser pointer. Good instructable!

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