Simple Water Fountain





Introduction: Simple Water Fountain

Build this simple water fountain in about 30 minutes

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Electric drill with 1" and 1/4" drill bits

Large garden pot (I recommend one that is wide and is at least 24" tall)

Lid that is slightly less circumference than the pot (I used an upside down garbage can lid)

water pump (these cost from $20-$40). it just needs to be strong enough to push water up a foot or 2)

Fountain pieces/waterfall features

decorations (dollar store fake flowers, walmart gardening section for lawn ornaments, etc...)

rocks or pebbles to complete the natural look

Step 2: Prepare Lid

Use 1" bit and electeic drill to drill hole in center of lid big enough for fountain to feed through.

Drill other holes to accommodate decorations.

Step 3: Water Pump

place pump at bottom of large pot and find a suitable location for the pot where power will be supplied to the pond.

Step 4: Fill With Water

Fill the pond at least halfway full of water, position lid so that fountain pieces will feed through it. connect fountain.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Add decorations, rocks, etc until desired look is achieved. connect power and enjoy your simple water fountain that will impress all who see it!!!



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thanks for the feedback! I enjoyed how easy it was to make!

So simple, I love this!