Simple Way to Edit Your Posts on This Site


Introduction: Simple Way to Edit Your Posts on This Site

say you typed somthing on somones instructable but then relised that you made a typo or wanted to reword somthing. sence we can't edit here is an easy way to fix that.
(i'm not going to spread this out in steps just to save you some extra time)

it's as symple as this
1)copy all your text
2)delete your post
3)start a new post
4)paste text and edit

there you go hope this helps someone



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    there are also various spellcheckers for I.E. (i believe FireFox has one built in)...such as the Google toolbar..the spellchecker with the toolbar hasn't let me down yet (when i remember to use it)

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    Try Chrome. It works like Word and underlines mistakes. DYLEGO

    i ALWAYS do this I'm glad someone FINALLY posted this (or i finally realized it was posted)

    Finally someone thinks of this. I am tired of grammatically incorrect and mispelled comments.

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    The thing is, they can't spell it right anyways.

    Uhg! I know. The problem with me is, I don't read them till a month later, then it's too late :-P (Tehn tis oto l8)

    Hey, thanks! Sometimes our links and buttons aren't so obvious! Once you post a comment, you have 15 minutes to delete it. In some projects, the comments become an extremely useful place for information, design, and review of the project. We didn't want people deleting comments in response to later comments because it's potentially confusing. Plus, it's useful for someone learning to see the entire exchange. The vast majority of users on the site are mature enough to work with this system. If another user proves them incorrect, they'll post a comment admitting their mistake and thanking the community for presenting the best information. This does have the unintended consequence of setting typos and misspelling in stone. We're working on a preview function and the ability to edit rather than delete comments for 15 minutes.