Introduction: Simple Windows 7 Shutdown Prank

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Welcome to my first instructable, i hope you like it.

In this instructable i will be showing you how to prank someone by editing some settings in control panel.
What this does is makes your computer not shutdown when you press the shutdown button

Step 1: Making the Prank

Picture of Making the Prank

Step 2: Wait for a Victim

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Super_Nerd (author)2011-07-25

Very good instructable, but you might want to pread this out on to several steps, and say what to click in the step, and/or the yellow boxes.

BTW I saw you have pivot too. :)

knexinglemon (author)Super_Nerd2011-07-29

yea i new i should have added more steps and ps I LOVE PIVOT!!!

Super_Nerd (author)knexinglemon2011-07-30

Oh yeah. Where I wrote pread. I meant spread.

Super_Nerd (author)knexinglemon2011-07-30

Yeah! It's so easy!

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