Introduction: Simple Wireless Electricity 2.23.2012

i built a small circuit made out of 1 capacitor 220uf 200v and 4 diodes rl 207 and 1 white led 3v put together like this one just with out the led in this link : energy device # 5  when i put it next to plasma ball that you can buy anywhere! the led lights up and the closer you get The antenna to the ball the LED lights up brighter

All the components for this circuit were salvaged from my old PC


49percentGood (author)2013-06-08

Have you tried anything else besides the plasma ball? I'm curious why you need a rectifier for the LED considering the LED by design is a diode. Do you think its the antenna or the plasma ball that is more important? A long antenna might light an LED, I'm not sure. Imagine that it works much in the same way old crystal radios work, just substituting some components but the concept remains largely the same. Very cool Instructable. Thank you for sharing.

benji.abrams (author)2012-02-27

Thanks so much for your information
Snowing that this is a fake picture thank you very much

pfred2 (author)2012-02-26

The Tesla picture is a double exposure. He wasn't actually sitting there when the coil was firing. Looks like he was though huh?

benji.abrams (author)pfred22012-02-27

What is your source

pfred2 (author)benji.abrams2012-02-27

One of several biographies I read about Tesla.

jcksparr0w (author)pfred22012-02-27

and also the shadow is in the wrong direction. everything except him is at an angle almost horizontal, his shadow is at an angle something like 30 or so degrees. looks cool though.

pfred2 (author)jcksparr0w2012-02-27

It is a well documented fake. Tesla was a genius, not a fool.

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