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Introduction: Simplest Steam Engine

About: hello everyone iam steam turbine design engineer. My hobbies are making pulsejet engines,stirling engines,animations.
Hello everyone this is my first steam engine made using very simple parts like cardboard, disposable syringe, straw, pen end caps and bicycle spokes. Cannot hold the breadth for longer time.

How much economical can you make your engine? Here it is costs only about Rs.10. Blowed air through mouth thats why produces lower rpm use compressor(i dont have one) iam sure it will give good results. Hope you all like my engine and video. Took nearly 20minutes to make the engine. 



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So you take a syringe, attach the input end to a fastened flywheel, and the opposite end to an air source. Right? What's with the bolt in the cylinder? And this is not a wobbler (oscillater) engine, is it? Sorry, I'm having trouble figuring it out.

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The bolt acts as the supporting part for the cylinder. This is an oscillating engine.


4 years ago

I understand the air is what extends the piston. What returns it, the weight of the fly wheel

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great thanks now to find my supplies and build. I also have small electric motors, which i want to hook the shaft up to the fly wheel and see if it can be used in reverse as a small alternator. see if it can be used to charge phones ect.

If you get your cell phone charged please call me ill be happy.. Just kidding.. Have fun in building one and dont forget to upload the video.

Is it safe to use a hot steam to run it? since the syringe, straw, pen are all made of plastic, and it could melt down or some thing.

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straw and pen is not affected by steam because u can see that straw acts as connecting rod and pen acts as bearing. But still you can use steam to some extent, syringe wont melt down soon. You have an second chance to use glass syringes instead of plastic syringes.

I don't get it, can you make instructions? The only part i don't get though is the syringe thing, how does that work?

Ok, I see what you have done there. in the picture they have two ports which in combination with the rocking of the cylinder become a valve. You have just manually held the air hose off center to create the same effect.

go to this link and see the picture.

Really this is not a steam engine since it does not run on steam but a compressed air engine. Although the principle is the same.