Singer Sewing Machine Table





Introduction: Singer Sewing Machine Table

use and an old sewing machine frame as a small table / shelf (e.g. we use it to put our record player on)

Step 1: Old and Rusty

we got this old and rusty singer sewing machine frame and wanted to turn it into a table. the frame was a lot worse than we thought and is badly rusted (worse than it looks in the pictures) and will therefore need blasting and treating accordingly ...

ready for a good, hard and long cleaning process ...

Step 2: Cleaning and Degreasing

all parts were cleaned and degreased ....

you can see the original gold paint under all the dirt and grime :)

Step 3: Blasting

i sand blasted all parts which turned out great - all rust has been removed however you can see (if you look closely) small pit holes where the rust has gotten in. now ready for treating and priming !

Step 4: Paint

I primed and painted - finished in a high gloss black (hammerite from the can).

Step 5: Final Build

after I was happy with the plaint (warning: this took a lot of sanding and coats of paint) I built the frame back with new bearings and greased rods in place

Step 6: Table Top - Sanding

got hold of a nice untreated piece of oak from the local wood shop to use as the table top. the wood was untreated and not sanded therefore I had to spend a good few hours to get it nice and smooth with rounded edges ....

Step 7: Table Top - Staining

I used a clear stain specifically for oak which I thought would give the best effect/finish (in my case).

Step 8: Final Frame Preperation

I should have done this before paint - but to not think ahead.

although on the underside, i still did not want the screw heads to be visible (to stick out) so I sunk them into the frame !

Step 9:

finished :)

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My mother in law left one in working order. I felt guilty to just use the stand, but then I found out how little they are worth. I'm so doing this!

1 reply

great - let me know how it turns out :) good luck !

Never by yourself. You need to give it away to a company (ask a car painter)

That is cool. If i were to have one I would add a dynamo to power (Charge) a phone charge pack.

We wouldn't use it as a sewing machine. It was left outside and the veneer has peeled but the guts are pristine. Those old machines are such a work of art and it would be easy to re-veneer.

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mine (this one) is all functioning - e.g. the pedal and gears etc all spin and function nicely... just no actual sewing machine - just a table top :) I would be interested in seeing yours finished - keep me posted !

We just got one from a neighbour about a month ago with the idea of making a table. I am now torn between restoring it as a sewing machine or making a table.

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Both great ideas - would you use it as a sewing machine ?

Very nice !
Its pretty weird that i am doing the same thing on an other continent .
Found the same stand here in belgium a few months ago.
Its now painted ,and i pin striped the brand name and logo in white.
Just needs to make time to make a top on it .

This turned out looking great! Very nicely done.

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Somehow I just knew you'd be lookin' at this post. ☺

I used to see a bunch of these when I lived in Chicagoland, farm families from Wisconsin would trick them out as side tables, t.v. stands, etc. You could set an engine block on 'em and never worry either.