Picture of single rainbow loom bracelet
This is the quickest and easiest rainbow loom (rubber band) bracelet you can make! It's a great place to start if you've just gotten a rainbow loom. :D

It took me only a few minutes to make my first single rainbow loom bracelet, and I've gotten even faster since then.

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Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of what you'll need:
If you buy the rainbow loom kit above, you will get the hook shown, some c-clips and some bands - won't need to buy anything else! :D

Step 2: Lay down the bands

Picture of lay down the bands
  1. Turn the loom so that the red arrow is facing away from you and the loom pieces and arranged so that the middle piece is one lower than the two side pieces.
  2. Place one rubber band around the bottom middle and the bottom left pegs.
  3. Place another rubber band so that it goes from the bottom left to the second middle peg. (Make sure this band lays on top of the previous band)
  4. Place a band that goes from the second middle peg to the second left peg.
  5. Repeat all the way up the loom, making sure that each band you're putting on the loom sits on top of the previous one.

Check the photos for additional help. :D
suzysmith243 months ago

I actually find it easier to use two fingers n it turns out mostly the same

very nice work I love it

rebeckap3 made it!5 months ago

I do this bracelet.

Cindy021 year ago
Where do you get the bands from

amazon/a mall

do you have to use a C clip?

not necessarely,no

jessyratfink (author)  crafty_chick_5561 year ago
Unless you manage to tie the ends together, yep! It can come apart super easy if it's not secured.
mvicknair1 year ago
How do u make the bands look like they're tighter together, like for the fishtail bracelet, for example? And can't u also use the s hooks to fasten them together?
ehauss1 year ago
Great job - follow me please I love how u have links for things/ check out my instructable - I voted both of yours
Please follow me and look at my fishtail bracelets!!! Good luck on the contest - voted on both contests
That is so cool! It looks easy enough to do without the loom. Think I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing!
Yeah yeah yeah, these things are everywhere now. I have been putting off my daughter's request for a loom kit. She started to do it by hand. The guy who started this must be rich by now.
I own two of those bracelets she made!!!
Too cool!
Love it!