Step 5: Pull the Band Off and Finish It

Once the c-clip is making sure the end farthest from you is secure, you can start pulling the bracelet off the loom.

Do this by pulling up and towards yourself.

When you get to the end, you'll have one bigger rubber band loop (mine is green) - pop that big loop into the same c-clip you used to secure the other end. (see the third photo!)

CONGRATS! Now go make hundreds of them. :D

P.S. Ready for something a little more complicated! Try the double rainbow loom bracelet!
<p>I made it</p>
<p>I actually find it easier to use<em> two fingers</em> n it turns out mostly the same</p>
<p>very nice work I love it </p>
<p>I do this bracelet.</p>
Where do you get the bands from
<p>amazon/a mall</p>
do you have to use a C clip?
<p>not necessarely,no</p>
Unless you manage to tie the ends together, yep! It can come apart super easy if it's not secured.
How do u make the bands look like they're tighter together, like for the fishtail bracelet, for example? And can't u also use the s hooks to fasten them together?
Great job - follow me please I love how u have links for things/ check out my instructable - I voted both of yours
Please follow me and look at my fishtail bracelets!!! Good luck on the contest - voted on both contests<br>
That is so cool! It looks easy enough to do without the loom. Think I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing!
Yeah yeah yeah, these things are everywhere now. I have been putting off my daughter's request for a loom kit. She started to do it by hand. The guy who started this must be rich by now.
I own two of those bracelets she made!!!
Too cool!
Love it!

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