plans for a basic "funbox" that will improve your skateboarding. i have built many boxes in my life and have found this to be the most flexible and useful design.

please note that the 3D CAD images have 5 support studs where as the actual construction had 6. I decided it was better to have the extra one. I recommend it to you as well.

Step 1: Supplies

2 - 2" x 12" x 6' pressure treated wood. (i used PT since these pieces might get wet)
6 - 2" x 4" x 3' douglas fir.
3 - 2" x 4" x 2' douglas fir.
1 - 2" x 4" x 6' douglas fir.
1 - 6' x 39" x 5/8" plywood.
1 - 1" x 2" x 6' douglas fir.
3 - 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 6' slotted steel angle rods

screws, grill, saw, etc.
<p>whats up DUDE</p>
considering this design, isn't it would better if using a metal rail, an iron rail ? it's stronger though ?
that thing must be heavy as hell. i have an 8 foot long box and what i did was cut 12 inches off both sides of a full sheet of plywood and fold them down as the sides, then put like 4 or 5 struts inside of it and mine is unliftable. how do you move that thing?
hey you could build a tech deck fun box using the same method but use ply wood
that's awesome.. I was just wondering, how much does it cost?
my estimates come out to about $138.57 depending on tax and your local hardware stores prices.
im making this for school project<br />
what program did you use to make the models
i used a program at my school. it was a mechanical engineering prog called I-deas src. its a pretty tricky program. I recommend pro engineering over it.
hey do you think you could send me a STEP file of this 3d model. i use auto cad
how much will this come out to in u.s. dollars
What do you mean by a grill? please reply because I really wanna make one of these
he means drill...
hey can you or somebody tell me how to build the ramp part? and maybe put a price on this? thanks
i just went to friedmans today, i didnt buy everything but it is going to cost 60 bucks mabey less. i didnt check prices on slotted steel angle rods but everything else only costs about 40 bucks. and i guess the kicker would be no more than 40 bucks also-(probably a lot less for the kicker but i bet no more than 40)
thats awesome but could you do it in tech deck size
Making me one, nice and solid
lol my funbox is a wooden pallet covered with a sheet of plywood, and pvc coping
How much did it cost????!!!
how much did it cost, me and my dad have been trying to find a decent funbox plan for under $300
you can build an awsome funbox for under 300$ remember kids 2x6's not 2x4's use pressure treated 3/4 for the rest, studs on 8 inch centers!
hey bro. nice design. i like it alot. but i have a quick question. no instructions on the ramp like in the picture?
The ramp was acutally made out of the remaining wood from the box. Sorry for the delayed response, I was out of the country for a while. I plan on making a different ramp for it. I don't have as much time to skate anymore thou.
How much did it cost?
How about a longboard funbox :D
Longboard <em>is</em> the funbox.<br/>
Nice Documentation! How about some pics of you ripping up your new funbox?!
i sessed it a few times. i guess i can put some vidz up when i get em.
Cool idea, im not sure if i have the time...

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