this instructables shows you how to make a camera steadier(handle) for on the go filming.  the parts for this cost under $10.

Step 1: Parts

2 L Brackets(shelf bracket)
3 Nuts and bolts(one must fit into the hole on the bottom of your camera)
a camera(of course)

Step 2: L Brackets

lay the L brackets like in the first photo. put 2 of the bolts throught the holes and tighten the nuts onto them with your fingers(or a wrench if you want to make sure there tight).

Step 3: Adding the Fabric(optional)

take your fabric cut it down to size and stick the velcro on the end.  wrap it around the top of the grip and it adds comfort instead of having to hold just the metal.

Step 4: Mouting Ur Camera

line the hole up with the bolt and screw it in. tighten the nut for security.

Step 5: Finished Product

now your ready to film something like skateboarding or anything thats on the move.

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