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Introduction: Skewer Sniper Gun


And you don't need no complex parts.It demolished this leftover plastic box I had.

Sometimes it missed and um...hit the wall.This is my FIRST INSTRUCTABLE,simple yet cool!

warning just a tube a rubberband and a skewer can do uber damage. do not aim at face or eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

1.a tube of some sort.(not bigger then the width of a pencil)
2.a thick rubber band.(about 9mm I guess)
3.Good tape
5.a clip or something to hold the rubber band.(I will explain later)
6.a pair of binoculars
8.a pen the tube i used some 89cent pvc.
9.A sharpie marker.(to color it black)
10.a target(i know its tempting but "a target" is not your sister)

Step 2: Start

Take the pipe and decide which end you want it to fire.The opposite end will be the loading end.take the clip and clip it about 3cm from the loading end,glue or tape if you want.

Step 3: Loading and Firing

put a skewer into the loading end.take a rubber band and pinch it at the end of the skewer and hold it. take the other end of the band and put it on the clip so it holds.pull back the pinched skewer and fire.

Step 4: Optional Stuff

1.Glue is a subsitute for tape.
2.Binoculars or some sort of sight look cool.
3.Color it with black marker or something.
4.The pen is to make it longer.I think it improves accuracy and speed.
5.Try those big pink andy boy bands,anything works.
6.I don't know the max speed and range.Tell me in your comments.
7.Bigger skewers mean less speed,but you could use them to push out bb's.Smaller skewers jam or don't hit them properly.Let me know about other ways.
8.Realoading takes about 4-10 seconds.



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    maybe thick steel wire (alambre in filipino) with the gauge a little smaller than the tube. Then temper it so that it won't bend upon impact

    instead of using a skewer for a bb gun you could use dowel or the inside of a mechanical pencil

    uber damage indeed i just got shot in the hand by a skewer launcher i didnt hurt when it went i but it the wound a lot after

    I made mine before yours and it's simpler, but its a circle so it's harder to hold and I made my own peep sight.

    I finally found an easy and effective weapon!

    These skewers shoot surprisingly quickly! Your gun handle is awesome!

    2 replies

    it's a air hogs handle, one skewer punched through one half of a fererro rocher plastic box and kept going 1 inch into a peice of cardboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "uses proper spelling and grammer" - just look at some of the things on this site! "is tipically written about something you are passionate about and want to share" - that's why it is on instructables! not to be rude, but this was definately "better" (closer to the criteria you have stated) than some of the other things i have read on this site

    Okay, I've been riding around Instructables wielding my grammar sword, and I'd just like to refer you to here. :P

    I'm not sure if you mispelled typically and grammar for humorous reasons, but it still set me off. ; )

    I wonder if there's an international grammar-nazi day. . . :D

    wow that's "DEFIANTLY" awsome

    wow, a whole site based on the spelling of "definitely" D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y

    I forgot to remove my notice. The author has fixed many of the problems that previously existed.

    looks kool but....................................... is just a tube and a rubber band. maybe try to use skewers 4 ammo 4 ur knex guns?

    1 reply

    basically a sniper like version of the mini spear gun.I dident tape the rubberband to it because when it breaks u hav 2 take the tape off.