Picture of ski boot dryer from scavenged computer parts
Here is a compact ski boot dryer that uses air circulation to reduce moisture.  It is made from a scavenged  materials:  a computer fan, a DVD case, and some corrugated drain hose. 

I made it at TechShop

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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools

120 MM computer fan  ( preferably > 70 CFS air flow and <25 DB noise level)
120 MM fan screen
 AC/DC transformer ( if needed, check the specifications for your fan -in the USA, 12v DC and 120v AC fans are common)
Polyethylene DVD stack cover
Polyethylene DVD jewel case
4 6x32 screws (length should be at least 1/4 inch longer than the depth of your fan)
(6 feet) 1 1/4" corrugated plastic drain hose
120x120mm closed cell foam sheet 1/8 " thick (for gasket)

hand rotary tool with small  drum sanding bit
razor knife
soldering iron

Step 2: Construction

Picture of Construction
1. Cut  a gasket out the foam
2. Cut the jewel case into two pieces at the hinge.  Discard one piece, and cut and/or grind a circular hole corresponding to the bore of the fan in the remaining piece

3. Weld the the modified jewel case piece to the base of the DVD cover.  I used a soldering iron.  Ensure that you have the appropriate respirator and  ventilation to safely weld the plastics you are using.

4. Cut/grind four holes for the tubing

5.  Drill 4 holes in the jewel case and gasket corresponding to the mounting holes at the corners of  the fan.