Are you tired of potholders slipping off part of your hand when you grab a pot? Well I fixed that problem with This slide and grab type potholder. I have seen silicone ones in stores for the fingers so I made my own for the whole hand. I hope you enjoy my instructable.
(If there is others similar to this out there I do not know if it.)

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need Thick Cotton cloth (or some that will not melt/burn with heat), Cotton batting, thread to match you material, decorative material of your choice, scissors, tape measure.
Hi all, thanks for the comments.... I was out of town and just got back. Yes a hanger would have been nice to put on there hummmm. My brain just wasn't thinking at the time I guess. I don't know what I would do with 35 sewing machines, I guess if you are doing a project and need alot of different thread colors then you wouldn't have to change thread , you would just move to a different machine. Sounds cool to me.
My collection of 35 sewing machines just reached out and pinched me for not sewing anything lately. Being male makes it hard to overcome the feminine stigma. Still I think Sewing machines are Great! So is this neat little project here. I wonder if a loop to hang it by might be useful.
i envy you 35 sewing machs! if you will donate it to our aborigin helpers group here in india they will be greatfull to you for life time wow
I don't have a sewing machine, but I do have a need for this (hand stitch I think) Useful! L

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