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Introduction: Slide Rule Display

The Yahoo Slide Rule group issued an item: How do you display your slide rules. At that time I was thinking already how to display them myself and found this solution.

At a local DIY shop I found a piece of grooved MDF wood that I put in an Ikea frame (in The Netherlands it is called a Ribba frame) sized 50x70 cm.

I took out the inner board and replaced it by the MDF wood. Then I screwed in some wood to secure it at the backplate. The screen is attached to the frame with hinges. Unfortunately this screen is shiny, not matted.

In the grooves I inserted 2.5 cm pieces of a grooved stairway strip with the small side up. This will hold the slide rule in place. It is also thick enough, so that it sits in there very tight. I holds the heaviest rule I own.

With this grooved wood it is possible to display the rules at any location you like.,



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Dear Larry,

That is a good idea, calculators. I did see some display with shelves for knives or model cars and wanted to do the same. But these were not available in The Netherlands at a reasonable price. Fortunately I found a left over piece of grooved MDF wood and had my eureka moment.

Thank you for sharing this.


Also works to show off your HP calculator collection, he admitted sadly... =)

That looks great! Thanks for sharing!