I build this speakers for my iPod a few years back, they are easy and cheap to make, I saw the original idea from a guy from Spain but he use a old VHS case, I had a DVD case laying around which makes them thinner and easy to carry around.
They are no Bose sound system, but they work and they're portable.

You need DVD case, a pair of Pc speakers (I added a couple of laptop speakers too) and a headphone cord with 1/8 plug for the input.
A solder gun, exact-o knife and electric tape, (or you can just tape it all together but it will be better to solder the wires)

Make a couple of holes to fit the speaker in place, I attached the speaker with a couple of small screws, but a hot glue gun will work too. For optional small set of speaker a the bottom (or top) I use the existing holes for the looking plastic thingy to hold the elements in place.

Inside just solder everything together to the wires and drive the 1/8 plug thru on of the holes out.,or make a little tread on one of the sides of the dvd case so you can put the wires in to make it easy to transport.
EXTRA beauty Idea!!!! Give me some details of Speacker type and i will add a boost sound amplifier 20Watts!!!
i was planning that too sad mine is 12 volts >_<
people will make some thing out of nothing....well done but Y
i think u sould also put some small speakers inside so it can be like give a boom not just talk so the plastic can vibrate that would sound nice

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