Recently the Instructables office found out about slim, an elastic wallet on kickstarter that made lots and lots of money. We wondered what it was and what it was made of... and once I figured it out I decided I would make my own! An elastic wallet is a neat idea, and super cheap to reproduce for yourself.

This super slim wallet is made from two inch wide sports elastic, and it's perfect for storing credit cards. You could even store a little folded cash in it. Also, the wallet is pretty easy to sew - since it's made from elastic all you'll really need is a sewing machine and a few minutes. A serger would be even better. :D

Step 1: what you'll need:

  • a sewing machine or serger
  • 2 inch wide elastic
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • thread to match the elastic you buy
I bought my elastic on etsy from Puffytots - they have an amazing amount of elastic in all different colors and patterns. :D

Also note that I am using contrasting thread for this project so you can see where and how I'm sewing, but you should really stick to matching thread - it'll look so much better.
This look so good. My dad actually talked about a creditcard holder and then i accidentally saw this. Thank you :)
Hmmm...Could you sew a &quot;W&quot; and get three pockets (two on the top, one on the bottom)? Like so: <br>
So if people bought their own elastic these would cost at most $2 in material (as low as $.50 in bulk). Then just a couple minutes to turn it into kickstarter gold!
This is a great idea and an easy to follow project. It certainly looks like it holds the cards securely. <br>What is your experience with the completed wallet so far? <br>Does it slide in and out of your pocket pretty easily? <br>I ask because I will probably be hand sewing this thing, quite a task for a guy who's all thumbs. But I'm pretty sick of my current spine punishing model and I'd like a front pocket option. <br>
Where do I pledge my $50 to get the case with the X on it?<br /> <sub>The X means it costs more, right?</sub>
A wallet that carries &quot;a small bit of money&quot; is just what I need, since that's all I've got ;) But seriously, great idea and great 'ible. Nice photos to inspire the GF to fire up her Husqvarna and build us some clever new wallets!

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