Introduction: Sling Shot

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This is a stick sling shot that can go up to 350+ feet with a long rubber band. It can shoot small rocks, pebbles, and metal pellets.

Step 1: Getting the Supplies

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All you need is Tape, 1Vshaped stick, and a strong rubber band.

Step 2: Putting Duct Tape on the Stick

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Get two pieces of tape and place them around the the stick.

Step 3: Pocket

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put the rubber band around the stick as shown.

Step 4: Pocket

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Tape 1 part of the rubber band on. Then do the same to the other side.

Step 5: Pocket

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Get to pieces of tape for the pocket. Stick it on the middle of the rubber band as shown. The put tape on the other side.

Step 6: Shooting It

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Load the pocket and pinch it. Pull it back and let go.


66D6 (author)2013-05-21

My 8 yr old daughter makes a better slingSHOT

Tigerlynx (author)2013-01-12

350 feet? If it can then that is seriously cool but isn't that over 110 metres? slightly confused ^-^ either way its cool, is it accurate?

bloodyblahblah (author)2011-02-26

bet you my life it can't shoot 350 feet

maybe it would, probably not in a straight line but if you shot it at a 45 degree angle and had light ammo, for example, a bean, it could

wonderdog01 (author)2010-11-21


stAzer (author)2009-03-15

Uumm...Your branch is to small for it to shoot 350+ feet and even then you need somthing more than a rubber band and tape. I suggest you use rubber tubing and leather.

lowe (author)stAzer2009-03-16

Actually, it shoots far for its size. You don't need rubber tubing. With a tight rubber band, it has a lot of force. Although, it has terrible accuracy, it can go 350 feet roughly.

stAzer (author)lowe2009-03-16

What I meant was, your branch is uncommonly small in diameter, and for serious shooting, I would try to find one that's bigger. Using latex rubber tubing available at hard-ware stores, and a leather shoe tongue, or a pre-made band from wal-mart, the power and accuracy would probably be magnified.

lowe (author)stAzer2009-03-18

that sling shot was the smallest one i made. if the branch is 1 foot in diameter then it would be able to go 350+feet

N3M0H45 (author)lowe2010-04-30

Okay, I have to take back the rubber tubing thing. I found that connecting three rubber bands lengthwise, then six of these chains to each side is better. It dosn't seem to have any extra power, but it shoots a lot faster (as if that made sense.)
Also, 1/2" diameter wood is strong enough to shoot, but if you carry your sling shot in your hip pocket, like I do, depending on the wood its made of, you'll probably find that it breaks when you sit down.

mabster (author)2009-07-17

that works awesome

shrek150 (author)2009-03-13


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