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you will need:
a strip of lead 0.5 inch wide
tin snips (or something to cut the lead)

Step 1: rolling

Roll up the lead to the right size of ammo you want
I am simply amazed at the ignorance of people on this forum, a lead ball or rolled up lead strip is NOT going to poison you as it is easily removed from the dead animal should it penetrate the skin. i doubt many catapults or slingshots have the power to showe a 300 grain lump of lead into a rabbit.<br>i have been air rifle hunting for the last 40 years, i always keep a pellet or three tucked under my tongue for a quick second shot, never done me any harm. it is if you swallow or dissolve lead, the old pewter cups the romans used with acidic wine leached lead out into the wine, also they sweetened poor wine with flowers of lead, a sweet lead containing compound.<br>please guys get your dasmn facts right before you spout off crap, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
I personly like ball bearings better.
It is true that you can get lead poisoning if you mishandle lead. However if you take proper precautions it is no worse than any other material that you can use and greatly increases the terminal ballistics of a slingshot. Marbles and stones are too light (not very dense) and stones are often irregular and can nick your bands. Usually it is the lead oxides that cause problems since they are easily absorbed into the body. Unless you chew the lead or hold lead balls in your mouth (don't ask, but I hear it tastes sweet) you are not likely to become overly exposed to absorbable quantities of lead.
lead oxid not really a problem as it is not very soluble... and the sweet taste... sounds like lead sugar(literal translated from german) which is what you get when lead oxides are exposed to acetic acid<br />
my version:<br /> get rebar, cut really short length off, ta-dah
Great idea,&nbsp; I like the idea of being able to adjust the size of its projectile bassed on the intended target,&nbsp; the poster below me is correct you are safe.<br />
in answer to all of the problems below...use thick tin foil simple ;-D
if you do decide to use this (which no one will) you might want to varnish the lead to seal it to stop the chances of getting lead poisining
This is a good idea but, lead is a horrible substance! you could use tin instead.

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