Slingshot Tested Goes 254 Fps and Will Go Father Than 300 Feet!





Introduction: Slingshot Tested Goes 254 Fps and Will Go Father Than 300 Feet!

About: =0im more advanced on making Knex guns =]

Well now i know how far it goes and its really far

Step 1: Materials

1:Y stick or branch contaning Y shape

2:2 small bands 2 thick bands

3:ballon string

Step 2: Preperation

Sadly i didn`t have any pictures to show so ill explain...

first find a Y shaped stick or a branch with a Y stick inside.

cut off the branches off and soak in hot water for a day. wait

untill it drys off.then shave off bark.results.

Step 3: Elastics Ties

to tie the rubber bands you got to get a thick rubber band and a small one.then pisition your thick band and loop around it with the small one.

Step 4: Attaching Leather or Pouch

this is the hard part.first u got to get a piece of leather
(or somthin of the same substance)and poke a hole in both
sides.then thread the thick rubber band thru the hole.then
tie with ballon sting (or another hard srting).

Step 5: Results

finish product.



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    As a kid I used to cut everything from 1 peice of Innertube, them Ol' red ones were great. G-G

    Are the bands just regular rubber bands, That this is powerful

    nice but i gonna make one out of one piece of wood

    kinda, but their is more to it.

    do the sights acctually work?

    Yea... It helps you focus on your target much better =)

    are they the reflective ones or the ones you look through?

    well... There not like scopes but rather an alternative version of one. The sights have have sensors that attract your eye for better aiming.

    Yes sir, it is.

    As for finding rubber tubing, find someone who has been to a rehab CENTER for recoving from rotocuff surgery.. I used it for strengthening my shoulder. There were three colors and each had as different strength.. red purple or green... I have also been using the flat bands that you can get for tummy excersise... I also have used 3M'sScotch-Grip tm,4799 Industrial Adhesive instead of string or sinew. to mount the bands to the fork and the ammo holder.. I have yet to have the/a joint come apart.. I have used both single and doubled bands. The ammo pouch is from an old Mexican purse I purchased at a garage sale for a quarter.. The double band goes well over 300 feet and that is using cast off, lead 38 cal. bullets weighing in at about 138 grains..

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    wow I did not know that ... well I got my pouch from my friend.Also I rather use surgical tubing for now since I don`t have any flat bands.i would use 5/16 steel shots which work amazing for me.thanks for the valuable information.

    My mistake the companies` name is "Trumark"

    wist? I don`t use marksman, but rather trumen It`s protective layer gives it a far greater life span then i have seen on marksmen`s tubing.

    really, ay? I did the same thing... More power, but less life span. I`m currently using surgical tubing which is far greater life span than braided bands.

    hey this works good but the rubber band snaped and it hurt big time so it may be better to use a thin hair band not rubber bands just a sugustion

    1 reply

    yeah it happened to me like alot and I replaced it with surgical tubing

    I made a two foot sling shot from top to bottom ... er from the top of the Y to the bottom of the Y and i used the elastic you'd use to numb someones leg for medical uses..The band is about an inch well i dont know how to say it but its just big... too big for me =) so i dont really use it

    1 reply

    lol ok well thanks for that positive comment

    Cool, looks really cool, but before you post an Instructable, you should test it out and stuff so nothing bad will happen.