whats a slit camera do?
imagine a thin slice from the middle of a photo then keep taking that photo again and again putting the strips side by side you end up with horizontal stripes
,then something gets in the way of the photo the stripe configuration changes,
the film is constantly moving,if something goes past the slit at the same speed as the film is moving it appears as normal in the photo but with a stripey background.
another interesting effect is the way that  objects traveling in either direction will always go the same direction as the films movement.
thirdly if say a car puts its nose across the slit then reverses back without fully crossing,the result is a car with two noses.

so there are several slit camera designs about,http://www.flickr.com/photos/limerick37/6931440568/ as im not really into programming, my design will not be using any, iv also tried to keep the maths to a minimum, i did some maths to work out what effective shutter speeds iv got, this test image was done before i did the math.

stuff list.
most of this i already had

bluetooth device(4printer) pogo printer or label making stuff,
battery drill,step bit.
tiny files
hot glue gun,
epoxy fast rapid and strong............ £5
thin scrap metal
enamel paint
small pliers
wire cutters
wire strippers
tin snips
motor regulator............. £15?
led running light............. £7
gears assorted
camera film..........£1
axle grease
spray glue...............£5
mini drills
small blowtorch,
eyelets and setter................,£5
motor-gearbox,................... £20
mosquito forceps
solder iron
solder pump
round nose pliers(open camera)
body filler
batterys and holder.............,£5
files various
watch screwdrivers
hand reamer
broken camera ...................£2.2
polishing paste and pad
cutoff disks
dremel style tool
small metal boxes (torch and tobacco tins)............£3

Step 1: my prep to keep it simple

after some experimenting with electric kits from maplin to get a system to make the thing work,these are the things i didnt use, i considered counting the pulses from a stepper motor driver to get a numeric output. or using a strobe to tell a stepper to step. the pic chip on the up down counter was dead out of the box, and the stepper was not a smooth motion also it needed recalibrating every time the battery was removed.
My desire is to kill you. (i'm kidding) Why did you do that with these cameras? Sad! :( rsrsrsrs But is a good idea. ;)
<strong>im taking a guess at whay your hinting at</strong><br> i only mess with the properly damaged ones,<br> <br> its really annoying to buy a broken for parts spares or repairs only camera and the fix is really simple i have a number of repaired cameras.<br> example ,one parts camera the fix was (you'll laugh) the shutter button was in the twist and lock down position. about 90% of zenits i can fix, (not very good at reattaching curtains iv managed it on a kmz start but for the b through to em's getting the bits back inside the body once reassembled has taunted me )<br> <br> this particular one tried to eat its own curtains and some the gears were bent in the process, some of these gears needed for this project so i used spairs from my olympic digital conversion,<br> <br> it may not look like it but im dead keen on restoration,i have a zenit 19 which i sorted out the electrics next is the straightening out of the leaf shutter , that will be tricky. i also have a mint 19 that is safe from the workshop.<br> <br> <strong>i in no way endorse hacking good or easily fixable equipment</strong>.iv very carefull about my selection of donor cameras, i was sad when i realised that this zenit b was beyond it , as it is one of my favorite models. currently have about 35 -40 zenits ,only 3 are dead ,theres a 19 and a start which half work and id like to be able to keep these original.<br> <br> the other night i was up till 5am rebuilding a 12 blade iris from a box camera lens and shutter assembly.frustrating isnt the word.<br> <br> anyway i hope this puts your mind at ease,<br> im not the perfect repairman but we have all got to learn somehow, tom tigers website has been invaluable but it does not cover everything.<br> <br> regards george
Seriously! <br> <br>Top 5 of most needed and wanted items! Wow. Now I am off to try and destroy a camera AND MAKE IT FRANKENAWESOME
tell me! where did you get that drill gearbox! i have been searching for that same one for a few months now. i know it came from a cordless screwdriver but i disassembled it and threw away the case. if you have any information to give me about it all is apreciated
its a &quot;919D1481 (4.5v - 15v) WITH RE 540/1 MOTOR. RATIO 148:1&quot;&nbsp; i think i got this model in maplin cos i was in a hurry.would have prefered to get it direct from mfa como drills ltd.<br> <a href="http://www.mfacomodrills.com/gearboxes/919d_series.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.mfacomodrills.com/gearboxes/919d_series.html</a><br> cost about 20&nbsp; , cant remember exact cost but i used their 3000 to 1 ratio for my spinner cam had to get it direct from mfa as maplins limited stock range cost about 30 (much biggr gearbox).<br> <br> (you could get one out of a cheap drill driver with speed regulator thrown in)<br> the ones i get are designed for homemade things not disposable power tools, it aint going to break all the gears are metal.and it can be dismanteled and reassembeled without worring about plastic tabs falling off.<br> <br> my speed regulator cost about 15 (maplin again).Panel Mounted Variable Speed Voltage Regulator - Part No. 919D2P<br> <a href="http://www.mfacomodrills.com/speed_regulators/voltage_regulators.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.mfacomodrills.com/speed_regulators/voltage_regulators.html</a><br> <br> they do mostly mail order, i did drive there,and yes they manufacturer the stuff. some of there stuff is in maplin with a mark up. incidently i think something like 100 to 1 would be better for this camera as it is a bit slow.<br> <br> i had been waiting for a stepper driver from china for ages it wasnt that good so i was keen to get things going hense i went local maplin<br> <br> hope this helps, post some pics when you get something toether. :-)
cool, I love slit scan! I love how you are doing this with an analog device!
dont think i would attempt it with digital, would mean reprogramming sensor and image processing jargon . some apps (uurgh) do some interesting stuff but its a bit too clean
this is just mad science at it's coolest!
Interesting. I'm a professional photographer/videographer and this might be fun to try sometime ... <br>Lynn

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