Slow-cooked crispy chinese pork belly

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I love pork belly. It's a great cut of meat with lots of flavour and is also one of the cheapest you can get.  I love it so much we're even serving it at my upcoming wedding. This recipe uses Chinese flavours to complement the richness of the meat and is great served with simple stir-fried greens and some steamed rice. There are no complicated techniques here or hard to find ingredients but you do need the time to allow the marinade to work and for the pork to slow cook.

Don't worry if you end up with some left over meat. Why not make your own egg-fried rice and add in the left over meat shredded.

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Step 1: Ingredients (serves 3-6 people depending on how greedy you are)

Picture of Ingredients (serves 3-6 people depending on how greedy you are)
1kg (approx) bone-in pork belly with the skin scored (you can use boned instead if you prefer)
1 onion cut into large slices
2 carrots peeled and cut into 2 or 3 pieces
2 sticks of celery cut into 2 or 3 large pieces
100/200ml cold water depending on method

1/2 tsp ground white pepper
1 tsp chinese 5 spice powder
3 cloves garlic, finely minced/grated
thumb sized piece fresh, peeled ginger minced/grated
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 stick lemongrass
2 dried red chillies, finely chopped
KennethK36 months ago

That poor pig...

Peterjtroop2 years ago
I have just cooked and eaten this meal and it was fantastic!
I put the pork on while I was at work (slow cooker method) and then finished it off in the oven while I did the rice and stir fry. I struggled to find dried chili so I used a small amount of cayenne pepper and it worked well. I would recommend this meal and I will cook it again.
eatproperly (author)  Peterjtroop2 years ago
That's awesome - I'm so pleased it worked for you. the marinade is fairly flexible and a great way to make the recipe your own. I'm tempted to try it again and put a couple of sticks of minced/finely chopped lemon grass in with it.
Yeah that would work really well. I'm going to check your other stuff on here.
Oh and I got 800g of belly pork for £4 so really good on your wallet.
firefly682 years ago
This is one of the best looking recipes I've ever seen! Although pork belly was popular not too long ago, I've never seen it in a US store. Does it have a different name, or is there a good substitute cut?
eatproperly (author)  firefly682 years ago
Thanks for liking the recipe. It also tastes better than it looks if that's possible :D As far as I know pork belly is called pork side in some places but it's also the same cut that is used for (streaky) bacon but you could use any cut if you wanted, it would still be pretty awesome.
Thanks for responding. If that is what your bacon looks like, you're getting way better stuff than we are! Our slab bacon is about 75% fat. Luckily I shop at smallish market so I'll ask the butcher to cut me something. Our bacon is fatty but roasts usually have all the fat trimmed off, with only about 1/4" remaining. Finding good meat is a challenge!
david beach2 years ago
really appreciate the idea of focusing on eating properly. your recipe sounds splendid. apparently our distant ancestors knew how to eat properly. in that regard, would like to introduce you to Weston A. Price..... and Sally Fallon's book, 'Nourishing Traditions'.
So nice to see an instructable that does not need a 3D printer or Arduino!
General Zod2 years ago
I've never incorporated this cut of pork into my cooking, but this looks extremely good.
eatproperly (author)  General Zod2 years ago
belly pork is great. It's cheap compared to other cuts and its got so much flavour. well worth a try if you get chance. :D
pculbert2 years ago
Thanks so much for this 'able. Going to the Asian market tonight to get me some belly!
eatproperly (author)  pculbert2 years ago
No worries pculbert. I loved it in fried rice for my dinner yesterday too. mmm...
Remag12342 years ago
I love red cooked pork belly and will definitely try this. I got hungry just reading and looking at the great pictures. Well done.
eatproperly (author)  Remag12342 years ago
Thanks remag1234. Glad you like it. Let me know how the recipe works out for you :D
woodNfish2 years ago
Just so everyone knows:
200 C is about 400 F
kostya2 years ago
It may be a good idea for solar cooking. I'll try it! Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful! I need to make this. :D
eatproperly (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
aw thanks. I'm going to make some fried rice tonight with the left overs. Can't wait. :D